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California's Salary Terminator

You guys hear Gov. Schwarzenegger's plan to cut the salaries of California state workers to minumum wage?! How insane is that! Dude is taking that Terminator shit seriously, eh? I mean, don't shit on the cats who work for the state because you and your suit-and-tie butt buddies couldn't get a proper budget on the table by July 1st.

Reminds me of a story I was reading today about my home state's plan to save $180,000 by, get this, eliminating the use of paper calendars within the state offices. Granted, yes, they say "oh, there are so many online calendars one can use", but there has to be a host of cuts that could save a boatload of funds that the state ends up blowing yearly. We're in a serious pickle, debt-wise, and we end up doing nickel & dime savings? What's $180G's savings when we are in a much deeper hole? That's like throwing a Lifesavers candy to a drowning man.

And the people are always to blame. We need to flip the systems within our country, do some massive belt-tightening, and reorganize. Not cut the funds of people who are working for you, or cutting out things that people need.


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