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Bumpy Knuckles Crazy Like A Foxxx Cover+Tracklist

Fat Beats will be putting out Bumpy Knuckles' 14-year overdue Crazy Like A Foxxx 2CD-opus on July 29th. This thing has been sitting on the MCA shelves since '93, literally. Most of this is previously unheard, and not necessarily for the public's consumption, but fans of Freddie Foxxx are going to be flippin' over a lot of the tracks on this album.



1. Can't Break Away
2. Crazy Like a Foxxx (Ultramagnetic dis)
3. Interlude
4. So Tough (video mix)
5. Daddy Boot Knock
6. Project Mice
7. Jailhouse Rock
8. Killa (feat. 2Pac)
9. Meet Some Skins
10. Interlude
11. Shotty in the Back
12. Interlude
13. Funk in yo Brain
14. Step (feat. Chuck D of Public Enemy)
15. Do What You Gotta Do
16. Pressure on the Brain
17. Rev Glock (skit)
18. Rev Glock
19. Crazy Like a Foxxx (alternate mix)
20. Amen


1993 Demo Version Produced by Showbiz, Lord Finesse, & Buckwild

1. Intro
2. Call of the Wild
3. Can't Break Away
4. Click Click
5. 8 Bars to Catch a Body
6. Project Mice
7. Rev. Glock
8. Crazy Like a Foxxx
9. Man Destroys Man
10. Pressure on the Brain
11. Who is the Middle Man
12. Cook a Niggaz Ass (feat. Kool G Rap)

Don't think this will be hot? Check out this preview of the album, and get back to that sick Hip-Hop that's all but lost today. Shouts to Michelle for the info.

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