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Bekay "Uncle Murdered"

Bekay "Uncle Murdered" (Uncle Murda Diss): Wow, I had no idea Uncle Murda changed his name to BK... looks like "BK" has awoken the beast...

Uncle Murdered? In response to Uncle Murder’s name change to ‘BK’ that was announced on Hot 97 on Friday, July 18, the ‘real’ Bekay has some words for Uncle Murder as he battles to claim his moniker. “You’re a liar, the streets is sick of your bars/ Uncle Murder?, more like Aunty M from the Wizard of Oz” -Bekay delivers back to back punch lines over classic Alchemist production

Can't wait to hear Murda's response. Why would he change his name to "BK" anyways? He trying to get a new single put on Urban radio?

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