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Izza Kizza Kizzaland Mixtape

Izza Kizza is the newest artist signed to Timbaland's Mosley Music Group (and a cat I was just randomly reading about him in Vibe); here's his latest mixtape, mixed by Nick Catchdubs:



01. Intro
02. Flippin' In The Rizzide
03. I'm The Izza Kizza
04. Millionaire (Preview)
05. Walk The Dog ft. Missy Elliot
06. Wham!
07. Timbo Freestyle
08. Tell 'Em What My Name Iz
09. Red Wine
10. Here I Izz
11. Ooh La La (Preview)
12. Living My Dreams (Preview)
13. Don't Stop Go!
14. They're Everywhere
15. Hello
16. Me & Keesha (Boy Meets Girl)
17. Testimonial
18. PUSH
19. Outro
20. Georgie Porgie (Bonus)

What's good with two Nick Catchdubs mixes in one day? Via That Real Ish.

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Anonymous said...

this mixtape is one of the realist that I have heard in a long time, it takes mixtapes back to the origination and has the artist project his creatrion instead of a lot of background noises and productions izza kizza speaks for himself and himself only... cop this mixtape