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El Che Leaks

FSD got an e-mail with two cuts from Rhymefest's El Che ("Bring It Back" & "RNQ"), along with a few paragraphs detailing how 'Fest left his iPod around, with what appears to be El Che in CDQ. What can you do, aside from do what I always say - blame the nigga. Niggas want to blame bloggers, teenagers, whatever. Any album that leaks has to come from somewhere... "your boy" in the backseat of your whip, your engineer, that A&R, the producer, the bitch you were fucking in your whip, and even you. If you are seriously trying to keep something leak-proof, keep it to yourself, and keep it encrypted at all times. If you don't, you run that risk.

BTW, "Real Nigga Quotes" is that fire.

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