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Spec Boogie "By My Side"

Spec Boogie ft. NoƱameko "By My Side" (prod. by Von Pea): Nothing I can say in writing will be able to properly explain what this track means to Spec, so I will just copy the blurb he sent me:

Today is the 13th anniversary of the passing of my mother so I wanted to leak a track I recorded last year dedicated to the memory of her and my father (who passed on in september 98) it may be a little personal for a blog blast but hey, I hold nothing back. I'll get back to talking that shit next week.

If that ain't real talk, I don't know what is. For those in the New York area, Spec, Che Grand, 8th W1 and Fresh Daily will be holding it down at the Gallery Bar on Orchard Street, L.E.S. NYC (here's the flyer). Loosie.

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