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Sugar Tongue Slim - Demand More #3

Sugar Tongue Slim "Demand More Freestyle #3": After peepin' the first two freestyles STS has done, him and I ended up chatting a bit back and forth via e-mail, and I sent him a .rar with a batch of beats, both newer shit and some curveballs. I got an e-mail from him late Monday night with two freestyles in them. The official Demand More #3 freestyle is over Busta's amazing "Don't Touch Me" beat, causing STS to just go for broke on that throwback instrumental. Oh, and this marks the first time rock the dub has been namechecked in a freestyle! The second...

Bonus Beats: Sugar Tongue Slim "Next Levels Freestyle (RTD Exclusive)": ...is an exclusive to the site, and over something you might not expect. Fans of MF Doom's King Geedorah moniker should know this beat ("Next Levels", from the Take Me To Your Leader disc), and STS shines bright over that jazzy piano. I'm guessing this is the first of the "On Demand" freestyles STS is doing!? Shouts out to him, regardless!

As another added bonus, STS sent a video...

Sugar Tongue Slim Demand More (Sneaker Edition)

Until next week... DEMAND MORE IS A MOVEMENT!

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