Gym Class Heroes The Quilt Cover+Tracklist

This drops Fall 2008 (I'm hearing September), and already the leaked cuts are causing a stir:


01. "Guilty As Charged" [ft. Estelle]
02. "Drnk Txt Rmeo" [ft. Patty Crash]
03. "Peace Sign/Index Down" (ft. Busta Rhymes)
04. "Like Father, Like Son (Papa's Song)"
05. "Blinded By the Sun"
06. "Catch Me If You Can"
07. "Cookie Jar" (ft. The-Dream)
08. "Live a Little"
09. "Don't Tell Me It's Over"
10. "Live Forever (Fly With Me)" (ft. Daryl Hall)
11. "Kissin' Ears"
12. "Home"
13. "No Place to Run"
14. "Coming Clean"

What do you guys think? Cover art via Splash.

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3 Responses to “Gym Class Heroes The Quilt Cover+Tracklist”

jon jon said...

these niggas bring back Daryl "Sarah's Smile" Hall ?

khal said...

im guessing its the same cat!

Darren said...

Whatever happened to that "Tell Hip-Hop" track they've been mentioning in interview? Wasn't T.I supposed to be on that shit? Well, whatever... They should do a track with Swedish rapper JaeWon, I think that shit would be hot.