BK Cyph "Ode To Panamanian Cricket"

BK Cyph "Ode To Panamanian Cricket":On twitter the other day, I made a comment about how Lady Gaga's ass > Lady Gaga's face. The nigga BK Cyph hit me like "I don't really see the hype", and hipped me to THIS. I was definitely blown away - damn. I know of a few Panamanians, and I never seen them stacked like THAT! Cyph said he'd rhyme to any beat about Panamanian Cricket ass, and I hit him with Cassie's "Must Be Love" instrumental, early.

Today he hit me with the ode; here's his note on the situation:

A few days ago some pics leaked online of some chicks at a Cricket game in Panama. FUCKIN AMAZING! Some folks are claiming photoshop and that may be the case, but I couldn't take that chance. I've already booked my flight to Panama City and I'm embarking on a Borat-like expedition- wish me luck. But before I left, I decided to write a little song about it for your listening pleasures. Oh yeah, shouts to Cassie and all the good folks in the dELiA*s mailroom. HA!

Speaking of Cassie, don't say that the she's topless... say the titties is out.

EDIT Looks like we've been had. Fun while it lasted?

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7 Responses to “BK Cyph "Ode To Panamanian Cricket"”

RL said...

**searches for the 1st plane ticket to Panama**

Very dope freestyle honoring Panama's finest. Un-fuckin-real!!!

DJ Daddy Mack said...

*wants to fuck Cassie so bad!*

But damn at them girls too.

Clever song BTW. lol.

backpackerresources said...

What a view to see...are these for real..I know its not. (lol)

Chris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris said...

Nice asses, the song got deleted

Mighty said...

photoshopped. i saw 1 of the originals and it’s nothing like that. still very nice though :o)

Anonymous said...

The pic may or may not be real but you will find girls like that in Panama.......only they're not Panamanian girls, they're from other countries and to be honest there's not many women who look like that here, at least ones you'll see in the day.