Cutty Ranks "Limb By Limb (REWIND Remix)"

Cutty Ranks "Limb By Limb (REWIND Remix)": About to spend some time with the fam-a-lam (Chinese buffet FTW), but wanted to drop some Junglistic stylings for those of you who are like "fucka Hip-Hop". Oddly enough, this flips a host of Hip-Hop samples (Biggie's "Unbelievable", "Tried By 12", etc.), but they mash dem down with breakbeats all over the place. I believe Soundmurderer's REWIND label is (was?) out of Detroit, but they come with the old school Jungle/Ragga flavor, and this is always a staple of sets from NYC's Survival crew. Watch out for the quick Eminem snippet in the bonus beat.

Bonus Beats Soundmurderer & SK-1 "Dreader Than Dread"

EDIT Black + white pic via Innermann, apparently.

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2 Responses to “Cutty Ranks "Limb By Limb (REWIND Remix)"”

Floyd said...

Blessings bredren, very nice that you used my photo of Cutty Ranks taken for Innermann. Please, give credits where credits should go to.

If you find a photo on a website it doesn´t mean that you can copy it and use it. Please insert the following part into the description of the video or into the video to show some respect for my work.

Black & white photo of Cutty Ranks courtesy of Innermann - a decade of reggae photography -


khal said...

You do realize the URL of the picture I used, right? It's definitely wasn't from the link you posted in your comment. I ALWAYS give props where props are due - if there are props to be found and used.