Kid Hum & RTD Present The Fuel EP

We dropped the preview to Offshore Drilling last week, and now bring you the first fruits of our labor: The Fuel EP. "Fuel" was one of the illest cuts from Fossil Fuel, and ended up being one of the tracks that MCs gravitated towards when doing this compilation. We've got two dynamic versions of "Fuel" on this EP, as well as Kid Hum's original...



01: Kid Hum "Fuel" (original version) [prod. by Kid Hum]
02: Junclassic "Bouquet of Flowers" [prod. by Kid Hum]
03: Sky 7th "Rise Up" [prod. by Kid Hum]

There's one more version of "Fuel" that you've heard before, and will be featured on Offshore Drilling, as well as more cuts from both Sky 7th and Junclassic. We hope you guys enjoy this - and if you do, please spread the word!

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One Response to “Kid Hum & RTD Present The Fuel EP

Enigmatik said...

good ish...rock the freakin' dub