J.Rocc - Michael Jackson We Love You

Two years ago today, the world lost the King. Not just the King of Pop - without Michael Jackson, music might not be where it is today. His constant consistency helped push others to either be more like him, or take the natural abilities he had and work it in their own fashion. But I'm no acclaimed journalist, and this isn't that kind of post.

I had to re-up this mix J.Rocc did two years ago, a mix that doesn't leave my BlackBerry music folder. This 79-minute trek through MJ's musical catalog is fly. Kind of plays heavy to the older, teen MJ, as J.Rocc tends to love that more disco/party/Club vibe when he's mixing. He just knows how to blend perfect bits - he has comedy bits in here (draws out a thing MJ did for The Simpsons), but also brings out just bonafide classics, as well as some gems that you might have forgotten about. In any case, put this on and reminisce. Or rediscover. Whatever you do, honor the man.

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One Response to “J.Rocc - Michael Jackson We Love You”

Scarlett said...

Terrific. Had Michael on rotation all day yesterday. Thanks for honoring him.