Tom Chase "Scattered Thoughts" / "Machine Gun Brothers" (ft. Elete)

It's not Tuesday, but Tom Chase has a slick two-fer for you niggas. On the first half of this special, he literally flips some "Scattered Thoughts" over Kendrick Lamar's "Hi Power" #noOTKL, making me wish he had touched down at Garden Variety this past weekend. Just disgusting over a sly beat. On the flipside of the file, Tom and Elete link up as the "Machine Gun Brothers", taking Fat Joe's "Massacre On Madison" and Swiss cheese the track. Seriously - I don't care how many of you niggas out there are spitting, you ain't merkin' tracks like this, trust we.

DOWNLOAD Tom Chase "Scattered Thoughts" / "Machine Gun Brothers" (ft. Elete)

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