Saturday, October 06, 2012

[stream] Jay-Z LIVE At Barclay's Center (10/06/2012)

Enjoy (assuming you're lucky enough for the Internets not to ace you out of seeing this). And take notes - this show is going to be released as an "optic EP" on Tuesday.

Party Crashers "Warcall"

Rene LaVice [RAMM122]

[video] Top $ Raz "On"

NJRFSU "The Kollision"

Jett I Masstyr - Moving On

MiLKMEN "Wizard Freestyle"

araabMUZIK "Runaway Bass"

In typical fashion, the sites that shit themselves when video of araabMUZIK mixes dubstep into his live shows are hating on this track, while sites that fuck with araabMUZIK on a Hip-Hop tip are loving it. And of course, your friendly neighborhood ornery Internets pal khal is fucking with this majorly.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Hudson Mohawke "Cbat (Slick Shoota Edit)"

Had to do this. Not only am I digging B.Traits as a presenter on Radio 1 more, I fucks with her selection. This past week on In New DJs We Trust, she opened her show with this slick Trap/Juke edit of Hudson Mohawke's "Cbat" (I don't care WHAT Cedar says, this still trumps "Thunder Bay"). It's done by this cat Slick Shoota, who I knew as a dubstep producer a few years back. Who cares about all that, he merked this edit, trust. Watch out for a FREE EP he's dropping next weekend, which will contain this remix and a bunch of others... I'm guessing?

DJ JayCeeOh Presents Pop Models Volume 5

Kid Cedek "Clownin' In Da Trap"

[video] Rickie Jacobs "Hey America"

Art Life "Just Let Me Know"

King RA ft. Tone Liv "Warm It Up"

[video] MarQ Spekt Ft. Meyhem Lauren, FT & School Of Sharks "Danger"

[video] D-Risha "Crazy Town"

Styles&Complete LIVE On Mixify (10/03/2012)

Popeska "Atlantis (MUST DIE! Remix)"

Grayfox - The Philadelphia Experiment 2

Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Tale of Flosstradamus' X EP

Flosstradamus dropped an EP today. The situation was odd; it included them getting shut down by twitter, and missing one of the tracks on the EP in the .zip. I felt like writing about it. Praise Black Jesus for Pigeons & Planes. Read all about it, and download that EP.


The autumnal season brings all sorts of familiar and favorable things to mind. The changing colors of tree leaves. Pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks. Christmas music being played in department stores. Monday Night Football. And another sport altogether... Cuffing Season.

The hot "skin was showing" summer was jumpoff season, with casual hookups as far as the eye could see. But as summer winds down to a close it's in our very nature to begin preparations for the cold months ahead. The high holidays are meant to be spent with loved ones, or at least a warm body. Join the Internets Celebrities on a field assignment to find out if Cuffing Season is real.

DJ Cable "++++N€W TRVP ØRD€R++++"

MopTop "Como?"

And THIS is the kind of shit I like hearing in the Trap scene. Cats picking up on their influences and really integrating it into their tracks.MopTop is behind the NYC party Down & Durty, and has been touring along the East Coast. Word is he has this Fall on smash with a schedule of releases, and this Baile Funk-flippin' Trap smasher is the first of that lot. Bass so deep make you wanna grab that girl's waist and just grind all night to. Call for a reload on this one, we do NOT mind!

Photek "Pyramid"

Photek's KU:PALM album drops Ocrober 23rd.

The Audible Doctor - Pre-Med

[video] Sid Sriram "Disappear"

[video] Smokey Robotic "Schizophrenic DJ"

Starkey "Solar Flare (Trim Freestyle)"

Juicy J "Bandz A Make Her Dance (B.Dolla Remix)"

The Key Studio Sessions presented by Philly Music Mag: Reef the Lost Cauze

Download three live renditions of Reef the Lost Cauze cuts via The Key.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

[video] Killer Mike "Reagan"

[video] NoEmotion "Afro Punk Dyslexia"

The Combat Jack Show (10/02/2012)

Based on the tweets the crew shot back and forth this morning, this episode is NOT one to miss... via PNCRadio: "Awww man. What.An.Episode. Shoalin’s finest and WU Tang Commander In Chief, RZA stopped by the Combat Jack Show to promote his new film The Man With The Iron Fist. RZA was incredible. We talked, 5% Nation of The Gods & Earths, his top 3 books, the origin of man, spirituality, hip hop, Wu-Tang (of course) and lots more. Also filling in for Dallas Penn (sabbatical) was the lovely, beautiful and talented Melyssa Ford. Nonetheless, the thirst was contained (oh how difficult)….Also tempers flared on and off air during the show. Mercury must be in retrograde. Find out who in the crew is on his “Ocho Cinco” and may or may not rock out with us next week at A3C. Le sigh. It.Does.Not.Stop #Newmanati Bong, Bong!"

BenHa Meen Mix Breaks: First Mix | Second Mix | Third Mix

[video] Venomous2000 ft. Haze of Main Aim "No Coas"

Branchez x Word Sport "Feel Me"

Smoke DZA - K.O.N.Y.

[video] Raymond Strife ft. Roebus One & Fish "Lost Love, Pills, Malt Liquor and a Boombox"

[video] Dave Raps "Light One"

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Styles&Complete "Facedown"

The duo of Styles&Complete can do no wrong, trust. They've been merking it on the remix tip for a bit, but a lot haven't really checked for their original production. Don't worry, we've got your covered. "Facedown" is an infectious piece of Trap, with heavy subs and a wildly edited vocal sample keep this one moving. Should be something you DJs (or females who like to hit the "Jersey turnpike") can get into EASILY.

Theo Martins "Balloons"

Second single from Theo's forthcoming album, Wonderland. After the jump, check out the special presentation he cooked up.

[video] Smoke DZA ft. A$AP Twelvyy "Game 7"

[video] J57 ft. Rasheed Chappell "Elite Status"

[video] Esohel ft. Nitty Scott, MC "Paid Dues"

[video] Dr. Meaker "Fighter"

Manni Dee & Deft "Jungle Jook"

Rav.P & Swerve "Have(nots)"

Uptown XO - The Color Grey

Greg Grease "Glass Ceilings"

[video] Kyle Rapps & Diwon "Breaking Bad"

& Diwon "Breaking Bad"

Prolixc & MC Coppa - Sept. 2012 Promo Mix

[video] House Shoes ft. SelfSays & Fat Albert Enstein "Roller Coaster"

[video] Stanza "Breathing Beauty"

[video] Jon Bellion "Paper Planes"

[video] Scoop "Swank Clique"

The Upbeats "Undertaker"

Monday, October 01, 2012

Future "Turn On The Lights (Swizzymack Remix)"

Doc Scott: Future Beats, Volume 10

Expendable Youth & CRNKN "GUNFIYAH"

Amit - FABRICLIVE x Metalheadz Mix

[video] S.P.Y "You"

St Joe Louis ft. Krash Battle "Night Blooming Jasmine"

Taken from Lotus Reloaded.

Rob Jay #BARS Apocalyptic Signs

[video] TriState ft. Phil the Agony & Washeyi Choir "Marvelous"

[video] Allen York "6 Line Fine"

Mirandom "All Day"

FiseBox Radio (Week of Sept. 26th, 2012)

Gotham Green & Quickie Mart ft. Know One, Impulss & Lyrikill "Final Curtain"

Stray - BMTM Guest Mix

Scribbler DnB 40: Stunna

[video] Landon Wordswell "Forget Everything"

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Caspa "Check Your Self!"

[video] Ricky Force "Dublin 1"

Mason & Feight "Pick Your Poison"

Genrokka ft. Spade "In The Way"

The Goodhood Store OST By LuckyMe

We have been honored to provide the soundtrack to the one of the UK’s best independent clothes stores to commemorate their 5th anniversary. Located just off Hoxton square in London, GOODHOOD are celebrating with a brand new space with a 100% exclusive monochromatic collection by some of the best designers in the industry: Antipodium, Norse Projects, Soulland, Hyde S.K, Great River, Gasius, Bag’N'noun and R.Newbold to name but a few.

Conceived for continuous play in the store – our 100 minute score by Dominic Flannigan & Claude Speeed spans contemporary classical, ambient and drone, littered with many forthcoming exclusives from the LuckyMe label. You should expect a long walk through many beautiful and dangerous places.

The work is celebrated on a plaque on the wall of the space, and customers can pick up free download cards of the mix in full in store. Although, we are now hosting the soundtrack on soundcloud for the rest of the world to hear.

[video] DJ Funk "Fuck Dat Ass"