AI Tidbits (Jan. 23rd, 2007)

Just a few things to ponder while waiting for the premiere of American Idol week 2 tonight:

-Thomas Daniels, one of the best singers from last week's premiere, alredy has his criminal record being exposed to the US. It looks like in 2004, dude had a DUI from Oregon. The funny thing is, not only did he pay the $680 fine, but he also completed his meetings and counselor stuff - and this was supposed to be wiped from his record. He chalked this up to being "young and dumb", as he told TMZ.com, but he apparently didn't learn for he had another conviction in Dec. 2005. He got arrested again, and didn't appear for his courtdate for some odd reason. They asked him if he told Fox about his record, and he gave a no comment, which might lead one to believe that he won't be seen that much longer, which is a crying shame, b/c after reportedly three tries, he killed his audition. Good luck to T. Daniels.

-There have been a lot of idiotic reports saying that this season seems to be harsher than most. The Idol crew came out and said "get your ears cleaned!" Randy and others let it be known that these contestants are told to be aware of the possibility of tough criticism. I think the fact that comments like calling that bush baby a bush baby come from frustration of the situation. In any case, lighten up - you guys wouldn't be watching if you weren't waiting for that heat. Grow up or change the channel.

8PM tonight!

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