Kwelib get Liberated

There's a pretty hot CD available for FREE download right now, featuring the vocal talents of Talib Kweli over the production of blunted scientist Madlib. You gotta love free music. And you gotta love these two linking up. Even though Kweli assures us that Eardrum will not sound like this at all (is that bad or good?), I will take this any day of the week. You've already heard "Funny Money" if you have an ear to the blog scene, and this is more of that. Dusty samples, Kweli blowing... just listen, really. Nice way to start out 2k7. "Time is Right" is getting nuff burn right now, while "Over The Counter" has some new school boom bap to it. Don't sleep on this. It also features Strong Arm Steady (yay!) and Consequence (yawn), but at 9 tracks, it feels more like an EP than an album, but hey, free is free.

Rappcatts dload page... Kweli's MySpace... 'Lib's MySpace... Burn it to CDR, spread this p2p, blog about it, and let them corporate fucks know that Hip-Hop is hear. We need more of this!


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