DnBTV love

I just want to shout out Grayfox and the good folks over at DrumnBassTV.com for adding me to their frontpage. I know they are fans of my interviews with DnB luminaries, and Gray decided to show me some love. That's what it is.

If you aren't up on DnBTV.com btw, you are missing out. Aside from DNBA's videos, DnBTV.com is your one-stop shop for DnB-related videos, whether it be DJ Sets from the likes of DJ Marky, Infiltrata, Hive and others, video interviews, or DnB music videos. They also have links to many live sets from many sick DJs, as well as DnBTV Radio and a host of other bits. It's truly a site for those who want to get more in-depth with their favorite DnB artists.

So, we here at rock the dub want to give massive respect to DnBTV for their highlighting of us, and all of their hard work. Keep it comin'!

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