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You've seen the interview with SoL Tha Analyst's parter in rhyme, Kontakt, so it's only right that we now bring you SoL's solo Q&A. The man's got a lot on his mind, and is not afraid to speak it. Let's get it...

khal: You go by the name SoL, but you have tagged onto that “Tha Analyst”, and your name is an anagram for “Slave of Logic”. Explain that to the people – how does that moniker fit you?

SoL: Yes, SoL is an anagram for “Slave of Logic” but SoL also describes how I live with the SoL of an old school 70s cat coupled with SoL being an adjective of my objective to spit respectfully with the fire of the torch lit by the Great Hip-Hop Emcees that we honor or should honor today! One thing about me is that most of the things I say have a double meaning if possible….just to make you think. “Tha Analyst” refers to how I approach life…THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD. The high school that I went to, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, had a staff that prepared you for life and the real world while giving you a science or an engineering college level education. Critical thinking was taught as survival all the way down to the janitor. You had to be analytical in everything you did, every decision. The wisdoms learned here along with the guidance of my brother, fam, coaches, and all the ups & downs of mistakes of life formed experience to personal declaration! I indulge in connecting with people for higher wisdom. I officially became SoL tha Analyst while vibing in the studio wit Wordsmith and Kontact during the making of Forgery Complete.

khal: I see that you’ve been a student of Hip-Hop for damn near 20 years or so! What is it about Hip-Hop that draws you in, and in turn, makes you want to create your own music?

SoL: I love this question and it always makes me think about the movie Brown Sugar. This movie understands this question and so do I. I am drawn in by feeling Hip-Hop gives me when I hear it. The creativity, the fire lyrics, the artistry of people who are not afraid to tell their side of life’s story their way …MAN it just does something to ya. I am big on intelligent and clever rhyme combinations. The love of the craft and the art of being an Emcee was sparked after Wordsmith invited Kontact and I to rehearse and perform wit him down in Houston at the Toc Bar. I have always loved Music especially Hip-Hop. I have lived a wild lifetime in my short life span and this gives me a lot to speak about. Plus …there is nothing like finishing up a track that you put that hard Hip-Hop work into and receiving opinions about what you created either positive or negative.

khal: I’ve only just heard of you in the last year or so, but you’ve known Wordsmith for a while right? How did you guys meet, and how did your initial friendship turn into him taking you under his wing with this Hip-Hop?

SoL: Jyeah, I have known Word almost ten years now. I met Word at Salisbury University’s football camp my sophomore year in college. He was a new transfer from Morgan State. God formed a union that day with Word and I that was always meant to be and I think I can speak for the both of us when I say that. We have remained friends through everything since we have met and have always been there for each other if need be. My man Word called me up and told me bout a show he was gonna do down in Houston, Texas at the Toc Bar in November 06’. I was shocked that he asked me if I wouldn’t mind helping him out, backing him up on stage along with another person. He said it's gonna be a lot of hard work but it will be worth it. Learning Word’s music, rehearsing and performing the show burned a fire in me that pushed me to emcee. Well, Word shoved a little too. I had been messing around with Word every now and again on the mic but none of that prepared me for the world of the artist’s ear …no longer the listener’s ear. The Toc Bar Show spawned Wordsmith’s Statements and Stipulations tour where Kontact and I backed Word up and gained the hunger to begin what was soon to be Forgery Complete. Word allowed me to get my feet wet on the tour by letting me write a verse remixing "Hydraulic Theory" from Wordsmith’s Statements and Stipulations. This was my first attempt to be an emcee. I was willing to humble myself and learn all that Word wanted to teach. He pulled an emcee out of me that I never thought I could be. See ... I am not afraid to admit my adolescence at being an emcee. I will hope that I have a progression as the years go on to better represent Hip-Hop. I see this as a blessing because of how my career in professional football was fading. You will see what I mean when Word drops Redemption ???? ... sorry can't give the whole thing.

khal: Your mixtape album, Forgery Complete, showcases your union with MC Kontakt. What is it about the two of you that makes you fit as a unit?

SoL: I believe it’s the differences in our style, voice, pitch that makes us potent when we mesh. It’s also the chemistry we have when we create music together. You will most def see the chemistry in '07. I think our styles compliment one another. Not to mention the grind that we went through together to become emcees worthy enough to make Forgery Complete. As far as MCing goes we started at the same time and I believe that added to the chemistry.

khal: I notice on your solo track “Night After Night” that you get kind of raunchy without being too X-rated. Do you consider yourself a Casanova? What was the basis behind that track?

SoL: This track made SoL come to life. This was my first attempt at a solo track and I wanted to make it relative to both men and women as well as write the track as a single. A Casanova …nah …one step from being a porn star…MAYBE..hahaha. Nah but truthfully, I was giving an example of what to expect night after night with Tha Analyst and seeing how many nasty freaks feel the same when they have that #1-3 status on your partners all-time list….think bout it. The first verse is straight forward but the second verse has 12 positions of the Karma Sutra. I did a little research for them, too, because I wanted to explain different positions, but in a clever fashion. Word has taught me not to be afraid to make the listeners find out what you are saying if he or she doesn’t get it. Mad props to my brother Deedaman for rocking the end.

khal: It seems that every year there are a whole slew of new MCs, new crews and a lot of cluttered spaces in Hip-Hop. You are aligned with the Nu Revolution camp. What is it about your bredren that sets you apart from the rest of the Hip-Hop community? Do you think, if given the opportunity, you guys could shine like Dipset or the Roc did years ago?

SoL: I believe it’s the maturity of the camp. Money is not the motive for what we are doing, the love of music and Hip-Hop is. Hip-Hop history and homage is our foundation and professionalism is how we present our selves. Everybody works hard in the camp, knows their role and respects one another. We are not afraid to let our music speak for itself and not copy, fake it, or sell out by having people write and/or rape our stuff. I believe with the right opportunity Wordsmith could turn what he built for him and us into something very special. I see our group more like a Wu-Tang Clan. Hardworking grinding assembly of talented diverse dudes for the common cause of fun music and Hip-Hop..Hip-Hop!!

khal: What five MCs are you feeling right now, on skills alone, and why?

SoL: Ludacris- he is so ridiculous no matter what beat ..what track .. he keeps the fire and rips it. Very clever on the mic. T.I.- his lyrical ability and delivery is smooth and sick. His flow is fluid with any beat plus his character and personality on the mic sets off his style. Lil Wayne- his growth as an emcee is both respected and recognized. Funny, witty metaphors and similes, plus I like the word combos he puts together. He def spits dat heat! Nas- One of the great emcee storytellers of Hip-Hop, Nas' creative intellect is vicious. Fresh knowledge spittin', always respect for his delivery and tone at the mic. Jay-Z- One of the most lyrical cats to rock the mic. I have respect for his business savy. The verses are always heated with flow flippin' confidence and the mic voice that the streets feed on… but I miss the Reasonable Doubt Jay. His flo on that CD …..DAMN….. I'm feelin' it!

khal: What else do you get into, aside from writing and getting better at your MC skills?

SoL: Jyeah ..easy: I have 3 yr old twins, Jordan n Jada, they keep me busy, but if no music and no kids …eating, exercising, sports, relaxing, having fun, trippin' n chillin'. I am a laid back dude.

khal: Seeing as though you are at home dropping more seductive tracks like “Night After Night” as well as more underground flavored tracks like “Microphone Bully 3”, which do you prefer?

SoL: I don’t really have a preference. I allow the beat to tell me its story and then find the best way to relate SoL to it. I am not sure yet but I think I like telling stories the most.

khal: If someone were to ask you “which song or verse defines you right now”, which would it be and why?

SoL: Probably my verse for Wordsmith’s "Legion of the Lyricists". My verse explains how Kontact and I became emcees and where we are trying to go.

khal: What do you have planned for the future, whether it’s tours/mixtapes/albums/etc?

SoL: I will be grinding with the camp, performing at every show we get a chance to. As far as albums goes the camp will be dropping something each month (full list in Kontakt's interview).

khal: Do you have any shouts or final words to give the people in closing?

SoL: My first shout is to God n then ……to you, khal, for the interview. Mad luv to JoJa, Wordsmith and the Nu Revo Camp, my family, my friends, Duece and Four Quarters, BMORE, R. motions from Officialheat.com, Mr CRF from Critical Beatdown Magazine. Unison Collective, Work, D Coy, my RRC fam, MicrophoneBully.com, and anyone else who aided in the belief of the music! Thank you so much. Mad luv..Peace
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