NewTV [1/08/07]

One of the things I love about the first month of any new year is new TV. You start to get info and hit with a bunch of new programs. Some are kind of dope, some are kind of shit.

That's where I come in.

I'm going to hit you with a list, some trailers, and other random bits of info from some of my pics of the hottest shows dropping now.

01/Afro Samurai: you gotta love black anime. The Boondocks opened doors stylistically with the production techniques, giving their show a bit more of a beautiful edge with the choice of doing a more anime-style of show than the normal, blockhead bullshit you see on TV. Afro Samurai is legit, has music done by The RZA (soundtrack in stores Jan. 16th, I believe), and has characters voiced by Samuel L. Jackson and Ron Pearlman. The story is interesting, but also gives way for loads of innovation and dope characters. Check out the trailer HERE. Thursdays, Spike TV, 11PM.

02/The (white) Rapper Show. VH1 and egotrip link up again, following their last, impressive TV outings, to bring a reality competition that has MC Serch and many other Hip-Hop notables on the hunt for the next great white hope (hype?). The bits that have hit the 'Net have been true to egotrip's flair for mixing humor and race relations, as well as VH1's "Celebreality" nastiness. It premieres tonight at 10:30PM on VH1, so set your reminders (or DVRs) and get familiar.

03/American Idol. This show premieres on Fox on the 16th of Jan. I really only added this because those first few weeks, with the auditions, are some of the best bits of TV out there. Once that final group is selected, I will be picking someone to win, and we will have a running poll on this blog about it. You gotta love people getting their dreams crushed on national TV - it's as American as keylime pie.

04/LOST. Best show on TV right now? Well, with no new episodes of The Wire or The Sopranos on right now, yes. It will be back on Feb 7th, airing at 10PM (so as to not get rinsed by American Idol), but will keep it's intensity. TV Guide reported that we should expect some flashbacks with Desmond, Hurley and Claire, as well as some insight into the oddball-"Other", Juliet. Hopefully we will find out her motivation behind offing Ben, and if her and Jack will link up, now that Jack saw Kate & Sawyer bumping uglies. BTW, who do you think is going to die first, Kate or Sawyer? You know how it goes - once you bump, you get bumped. Word to Ana Lucia. Get ready for that 16 new episode run, too. Quit your bellyaching and GET LOST. Oh, big up to American Express... these "LOST moments" were initially made available only to card-holding members, but I guess since Day Break got cancelled, they are letting these sneak peeks be available for all to see! Check it out HERE, and expect more LOST recaps from me in the '07.

05/The Sopranos. The last bit of season 6 is set to commense on April 8th, 9PM on HBO. TV Guide (gotta love 'em) dropped some nuggets of info on the tailend of this spectacular series: we will be hit with more junkie Christopher shit, including his affair with Julianna. Big Tony will not only be making some major breakthrough with Dr. Melfi, but his relationship with Carmela is going to go through the ringer one more time. Other than that, I have no new info. I have been watching old episodes on DVD and HBO On Demand, and I suggest you do too. I'm waiting for season 5 to come On Demand, so I can see Adrianna get got. Damn shame. Great show, though. I'm right at the end of season 4, ready to see Carm and Tony go at it, her performance in "White Caps" was stellar.

That's all the TV news I have for now. You got any bits you'd like to hit me with? Let me know.

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