American Idol 6, week 1A [recap]

Gotta say, there was a load of rubbish coming from those singers mouths. I'm not the BIGGEST American Idol fan in the land, but I caught the bug and I love watching people get humiliated on TV.

I was back and forth between my son and that show last night, but I was pleasantly surprised that my favorite singer so far was the crack baby who sang Jennifer Holiday. I first saw and and thought "God, no!", because her grill was jacked (which I blame on bad, crack-addled parenting), but she has that Mary J. Blige/Keyshia Cole vibe about her voice, full of emotion and pain.

I also loved hearing that Army chick sing too. Forgive me for not having their names, but I haven't sat through my DVR recording yet. Too much going on.

The one thing I CANNOT stand are the guys who play themselves on TV, then act like Simon, Randy and Paula are insane. Like that 19 y/o cat from Gary, Indiana, the one who actually LEFT THE ROOM and came back in. I won't go into detail on how I feel about him as a person, but when you come out talking about comparing your voice to Mariah Carey, and you're a dude, you need to come correct. And he didn't. I can see if you are pissed about Paula, b/c she hasn't put out an album in years, but she was never known to be the BEST singer, she started as a dancer, and road her wave. Simon picks talent, he's proven that, so 9 times out of 10, if he says you are shoddy, deal with it. And you gonna diss on Randy, but Randy has worked with Mariah, as well as countless other artists, so its not like he can't smell talent. Be forreal.

In any case, I do plan on blogging more about American Idol, at least up to the true competition, on some "Monday Morning Quarterback" style of flowing - doing lil recap/hashings of the previous nights comp. Once they get into the different weeks and such, I lose interest, but who knows, I've never blogged about a show quite like this. Right now, it will be kind of loose and free, but it will get more serious as the pool dwindles down. We'll see.
and PS: do you think they purposely locked the left door, just so those loser would push on it in error while trying to stomp out and make mean for the cameras? I almost spit up my juice everytime I heard Simon say "wrong door".

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