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American Idol 6, week 1B [recap]

Well, they kept the "wrong door" hilarity, and there was a LOAD of scariness on there. Seattle really was one of the worst cities they have visited in all six seasons: what was that last total, 13 people getting the yellow ticket? What a damn shame... although I do think that some of the choices to go to Hollywood needed to go home, like the fake Justin Timberlake dude with the corny beatboxing. He is going to annoy the piss out of me. The Indian brother and sister combo were surprisingly nice, although the brother outshone his sister - for now. Her voice is ill, too, she just needs to get over her nerves.

That skank "The Hottness": wow. She would have been cute, if she actually looked like Mariah instead of trying to fake the funk like she could sing like Mariah. And she broke into that corny "what do you know about music" nonsense... check Simon's track record, check Randy's track record. They wouldn't be judges if they were just some fly by nighters!

The majority of these singers were a load of trashcans. That chick "Darwin" was just horrendous, and her mother should be shot for telling her she could sing. I felt bad for the lady who's husband said she shouldn't go out and audition - I can understand fufilling a dream, but $20 says she caught hella laughter when she got home. Zitzmann - all I have to say is dude has the craziest eyes I've ever seen. He does get 20 points for knowing all the words of "Unchained Melody", but that's about it.

Gotta say I loved that "Don't Cha" montage - I wonder how they actually got that filmed, like if they told all of those guys to sing that or what. And Simon wins week 1B's funniest comment, when he called dude a "bush baby". I would have said an elf, but you know how that goes.

Hopefully next week's shows will have more pure singers, and a lot less of the humdingers.

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