Jay Eff Kay recaps 2006

I got passed this 2006 Year In Review mp3 by this MC I've never heard of by the name of Jay Eff Kay. It's not my normal Hip-Hop thing, but it's kind of hot. It actually reminds me of my weekly editions of the shuffle, which is nice. By checking dude's MySpace page out, it looks like this New Yorker went from Wall Street to crafting some anthems with a poison tongue, which is always nice. Sort of how Eminem came out, honestly, but speaking about the world, and actually saying something. And the fact that he calls Lupe Fiasco "Urkel" is enough for me. I give him major props for that one. I also like how he isn't trying to be something he isn't... you can tell dude is just a white guy speaking his mind, however raunchy or political or real his feelings are, and you have to respect that at the end of the day.

You can check out homeboy's works over at the aforementioned MySpace page... and peep his blog as well. Looks like we might be hearing more about neph in the new year?

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Anonymous said...

Hell yeah!! Jay eff Kay is tha shit! Listen carefully and u will hear some of the funniest lines ever put on paper. He's honest, raw and ready to kick some ass!