First Wedding Dance

That first dance between the newly-wed bride and groom. It's a magical moment. The spotlight is on them, and all their friends and loved ones can see them, in their glory, look into each others eyes and move ever so lightly to the music.

Or you can have a bit of fun with it, like this couple did:

Big up to my wifey for the video.


alley al said...

lol that's priceless. love that shit.
thanks for the laffs. and thanks to your wifey!!
for those that didn't know, it's a take on a couple who really did dance to that dirty dancing song that got maaaaad hits on youtube. FUCK!! i was gonna do something like that for if/when i ever get hitched!! now i gotta think of something else.

khal said...

yeah wifey showed me that as well lol. they were on oprah too, i believe. patrick swayze came out and danced with the wife.

alley al said...

haha i happened to be visiting my mom when that oprah/youtube episode was on ?last week and i got to peep that.

khal said...

damn maybe a few weeks back? i don't remember for sure, but i know the episode was all about viral video phenoms, like the fat dude who won that brits got talent show, the opera dude. the guys who created youtube were on it and everything.