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Brown Bag AllStars Two-Fer!

J57 thinks he’s slick – he’s just gonna randomly leak quality shit at the end of the year, for no other reason than to showcase how fresh the BBAS is, huh? Fucking bastard. Two-fer right chea…

KonceptPlaying Life (marink Remix)”: marink’s a producer who I wish I heard more from. He brings some fresh beats, and this chunky reimagining of Koncept’s “Playing Life” turns Kon’s words into an anthem, with this heavyweight instrumental making a nigga poke out his chest, super hero status. Kon is a cat who I consider an everyman’s MC, as he channels the struggle that real cats go through, and turns that into meaty rhymes. If you’ve slept on the Playing Life EP he put out, you’re really playing yourself, b.

Soul KhanSoulstice II”: Soul Like Khan hasn’t been out that long, and the battle-tested wordsmith goes deeper into this, relaying some of the new ways he sees the world. Dude touched back in the US and saw life a different way. Beat matches the depth of the lyrics, as it should. It’s almost as if you spend a night drinking with one of your rowdier friends, only to get deep into the night and see the other side of their mania. Good shit.

Great 2010 from BBAS, and if you’re in the area, hit up the Soul Khan & Friends show on NYE:

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