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The Combat Jack Show (12/17/2010)

#FreeOnSmash #FreeOnSmash That was the theme for the show as our special guest were 2/7ths of the almighty New Music Cartel, Hof from (the now seized) OnSmash and Eskay from NahRight. Also in the studio was rappers Troy Ave and Maffew Ragazino. Hear what Hof and Eskay has to say about the site seizure of OnSmash, plans for the future and what they hope to be the outcome in this pending historic case. You wanna hear what Eskay has to say about you disgruntled artist complaining about not being on NahRight, or how to get the attention of the elite blogs and the status of Lupegate vs. NahRight/2Dopeboys? It’s all here. And of course Troy Ave and Maffew Ragazino spit some bars of fury. You know the drill…..

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (12/17/2010) [via PNC Radio]
Combat Jack Show 12-17-10 (Eskay & HofOnSmash) by PNCRadio

Troy Ave x Maffew Ragazino Freestyle x Combat Jack Show 12-17-10 by PNCRadio

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