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DJ Solo's Nightmare Before Christmas

Just got back from seeing DJ Nappy, who highly recommended this mix. Where was I when this dropped!??! Anyways, that tracklist is ridiculous.

DOWNLOAD DJ Solo's Nightmare Before Christmas
DJ SOLOs Nightmare Before Christmas by DJ SOLO


01. This Is Halloween (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Marilyn Manson x Skrillex x Waiko
02. CIrcles (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Adam F x Wondawulf
03. Captain Planet VIP – Dirty Deeds
04. Kenny Powers Sk8 or Die (DJ SOLO VIP) – Control
05. What The F Do You Want (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Besastie Boys x Zen x Twisted Individuals
06. Love Goes Down (Doctor P Remix) – Plan B
07. Lose It – Dirty Deeds
08. Too Hot For Crystal Meth (DJ SOLO Re-Edit) – Wondawulf
09. Breed Minus 10 (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Nirvana x D Minds x Original Sin
10. I Need Killers – Heist
11. What They Want Is Filth (DJ SOLO VIP) – Noisia x Bar 9 x Kabz
12. Black Mask Men With 9MM (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Planet Asia x d-Queue
13. Brooklyn Zoo (HULK-step Remix) – Ol Dirty Bastard
14. Wonderwall Chicken Dippers (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Oasis x d-Queue
15. Jaws – Steppa and Kitcha
16. Smash Yer Face In (DJ SOLO Re-Edit – Slipknot x Dstruct.o
17. Cocaine VIP (DJ SOLO Re-Edit) – Shufunk
18. Mr. Happy feat D Minds – DJ Hazard
19. Ho Bass – D Minds
20. Murder – Bonkrooger
21. Motion – Sub Zero
22. Battery Ain’t Nuttin To Fuck Wit (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Metallica x Glitchy and Scratchy
23. In Your Face – Die Antwoord
24. Outta Your mind (Evil Analog Remix) – Lil Jon
25. Roll Call /The End (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – HavocNdeeD x The Doors x The Beatles

{{Secret Hidden Dubstep Set}}

26. Scary Monsters (DJ SOLO Re-Edit) – Skrillex x Noisia
27. Burn Muthafucka feat Adil Omar – Project Blackbook
28. Superman (Ajapai Remix) – Lee Mortimer & Foamo
29. Take No More – Original Sin and Taxman
30. Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell – Das Racist
31. Slightly Mad and Ridin Solo (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Emptysight

{{{Ultra Super-Secret Hidden Set!!}}}

32. Sweatmother – Tobacco
33. Basshead Bootleg – DJ Belly

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