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Lyle Horowitz ft. PreZZure "Awesome"

Lyle Horowitz ft. PreZZure "Awesome": If PreZZure is Hip-Hop’s Miz, I guess I’m the bloggin’ Michael Cole. khalminers, this is taken from Lyle’s Spider’s Web Castle, which also features rhymes from Gooch, as well as a number of sicknan beats. Grab that via Bandcamp, for free or a fee, yadig?

PreZZure also has a number of things hanninin, including no longer being Mic Wilson, being on the bill for the Rap Radar Xmas Party at SOBs on the 23rd of December (which includes Joell Ortiz, Reek Da Villain, Fred Da Godson, with rumors of Busta Rhymes being in attendance also floating around). He’s also working on The Reset Button, which, if you’re lucky, will be presented once again by this very site. What’s next, PreZZure on the cover of XXL? Only time will tell…

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