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Get Well Soon "BooksAreLooks"

Get Well Soon "BooksAreLooks": It's not often that you find tracks where the rhymes can be as abstractly funky as the beats - it's a crapshoot, sometimes. The GWS crew comes from Virginia, and their leftfield choices in beat selection (both found and original) is always the perfect backdrop to their madcap rhymes. This cut almost feels like they started freestyling at random and came up with a sudden theme, and transported this synthy bass of Flying Lotus' into something completely different. And amazing. Or as I was told, this is "something different than whatever they were listening to five minutes ago, yet familiar. A lack of a defined category. Something beautiful that you've wanted to listen to. That you want to like. Humble swag".

This cut is taken from Sunday Night Insomnia, Part Deux, which TheHipHopEffect.com and rockthedub will be releasing... eventually. This isn't even a warning shot. It's a rediscovery of some shit you never knew existed. Or did and kept to yourself. Whatever you wanna call it, it's yours. And happy 1st birthday to THHE!

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