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J. Slikk A Tribute to Jen DeLeon

2010 has been a wild ride for J. Slikk; some projects got finished and released, while real life took it's toll. Throughout it all, he's still made beats, and his Tribute To Jen DeLeon is a testament to his quest for the perfect beat, no matter the sound. Hell, he even includes the BANGER that was heard at the end of this R.O.E. vlog. My LAWD! I'll let the beats speak for themselves. After you download, hit the jump for Slikk's words on this project, and more!

DOWNLOAD J. Slikk A Tribute to Jen DeLeon

A couple days late, but better late than never. A tracklisting that
once was about 14 tracks has swollen to 27. All beats are property of
J. Slikk, Backpackers anonymous/jebbamusic/rush85 entertainment ...
and are officially licensed as such via ASCAP. Use without expressed
written consent is strictly prohibited.

For all beat inquiries and pricing, please contact my manager Brenden
Jebb at bcjebb@ncsu.edu or visit www.jebbamusic.com

with that in mind... this album is full of beats done two days ago all
the way up to two years ago. In order to get you to listen to things
beginning to end, i will mention there are a few extra beats hidden
throughout the album itself.

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