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Shit You Need To Buy: 2010 Edition

With 2010 winding down, I figured I'd make a list of shit that really got me through the year. Shit I may or may not have championed on this very site, but things I think you need to make sure are in your stash for Entertainment, as the shit is dope.

Donwill Don Cusack In High Fidelity: The little concept album that could, and should, help you get through whatever break-ups/make-ups you have going on. 2/3 of Tanya Morgan put out quality work in 2010, and these cats aren't slowing down at ALL for 2011, and beyond!

Hannibal Buress My Name Is Hannibal: I've been a fan of stand-up since I was a lil' youth, and always have one comedy album on deck, year-round. This dropped over the summer, and hasn't left my BlackBerry since I put it on there. Just all around jokes. I also love the fact that he's a Black comedian that's kind of nerdy, but still talks shit. And it's well thought-out. Dude does write for 30 Rock, but he will drop Hip-Hop references just as quickly as jokes about racist masturbaters on YouPorn. Great disc, trust.

Dibiase Machines Hates Me
: D gets it. I think I told DJ Nappy that this album sounded like J Dilla trapped inside a Nintendo game. Just has that sparse funk, with the right amount of quirk. The Punch Out! them he flipped was in constant rotation for me, and hearing cats like Elucid flip his tracks makes me wish they got together on some original shit.

Von Pea Pea's Gotta Have It
: Not only did Pea drop one of my favorite albums of 2010, but he also gave RTD one of it's best interviews in a while. I loved the high school concept throughout, but I also love that Pea got to flex his pen. He's one of my favorite rappers right now, mainly b/c I relate to a lot of his references, but also b/c he's open and honest with his shit. Dude's in the pocket right now - expect his next few releases to really show you something.

Roots Manuva meets Wrongtom Duppy Writer: This disc was a sleeper. I always fall back on dub, and Manuva is one of my favorites for years now. He has a nice blend of dub roots and Hip-Hop aesthetic, and this album brought things back to the dub essence. At times, it felt like I was rockin' to Mad Professor's old collaborations albums from the mid-80s. If you love that dusty dub-wise sound, do yourself a favor and grab this one... with about a pound of that good.

Breaking Bad: This tale of a 50 year old HS chemistry teacher simultaneously discovering he had lung cancer and starting to cook meth rocked my world, and filled the void that LOST left when it ended. I had been hearing about it, but slept on it until a dear friend advised me to check it out. I grabbed all of the episodes from the past three seasons and gorged myself on this show for two weeks. Now I'm rewatching it again. This is the kind of shit HBO should have signed. New season drops July 2011, I believe.

Trolley Snatcha "Pass Me By": Taken from Snatcha's One Trick Pony EP, this was one of my more sought-after dubstep tunes for the better part of 2010. It's dynamic in it's appeal, I think - the intro's got this wicked buildup - you know SOMETHING is about to happen, and when it drops? Murda! Trolley let's the lil' bit before the meat of the bass sink in - that shit really makes you stop in your tracks. And I love that "pass me by" sample he fills in there. Just a bombastic track, and my pick for dubstep tune of 2010. Sue me.

I've got loads more, but if you follow my tweets or run through this blog, I'm always recommending something. Happy New Year - looking forward to all kinds of awesome discoveries for 2011!

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