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YC The Cynic ft. Sene "Mr. Brown"

YC The Cynic ft. Sene "Mr. Brown" (prod. by 2 Hungry Bros): Gotta love niggas like YC and cats like J57. I think I got this track to my inbox like 4 times today, and it’s already been on a grip of your favorite blogs. For good reason, of course. This first single from Cynic’s Fall FWD mixtape (which is dropping early 2011) is just what you need – throwback Hip-Hop flavor from the 2 Hungry Chef ass niggas, accomplished new schoolers like YC and Sene carving this beat up like choice meat. Pause? Anyways, the final piece is one of my favorite characters, Charlie Brown, getting a look in the artwork. Even my son knows who the fuck Charlie Brown is. Infinite appreciation, even if J57 is getting a box of beatdown for Christmas this year.

Bonus Beats Kalae All Day ft. YC The Cynic "Datura Stramonium"


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