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Danny! "Where Is Danny?"

Danny! "Where Is Danny?": What a difference a random disappearance makes. I remember when Where Is Danny? leaked back in November 2009, Def Jux was still operating as a label, and Danny Swain's star was about to rise, but guess what? Either a planned leak or a journalist's slip caused his album to get pushed back. Since then, I'd not heard much from Swain, aside from a fly appearance on Von Pea's album, and got word today from Danny that the nigga not only got signed to Interscope recently, but will be re-releasing Where Is Danny?, featuring nothing but beats he produced himself, due to the fiasco with the leak causing a rift. If you have that, enjoy it, and if you need it, let a aggin know. Expect an interview w/ Swain on this very blog in the near future, as we'll try to shed some light on things, and prep for his ascension.


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