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Black Collar Biz Asks "Do You Reminisce Over You?"

Yesterday morning, I helped Black Collar Biz drop Black Friday 3 (Pete Rock Edition), which found Collar spitting over a bunch of tracks from Pete Rock's Petestrumentals 2.

While you never expect an artist of Rock's history to promote a project like this, Collar did end up hitting Pete back in March to let him know that this was going to happen. It's not like they hadn't met before; there's a picture of the two of them meeting. When Collar hit him in March, Pete didn't respond. When the project finally dropped? Pete wasn't happy, primarily because he felt that Collar was trying to use his name to promote a project. I get that; I've seen so many "produced by J Dilla" submissions in my own inbox, knowing full damn well an artist never met Dilla. Problem is, this project wasn't being marketed as something that Collar and Pete Rock did together; all of the mentions of Pete were that he just spit over some Pete Rock beats. You'd think, if it was to be pushed as some "Pete Rock and Black Collar Biz worked together" shit, there'd be a much bigger push for that...right?

Either way, Collar shared Pete Rock's texts on IG yesterday. Check them out:

It looks like, at one time, Collar was going to pull the project, but then he thought about it. Feeling he did nothing wrong (because how many other rappers have just spit over instrumentals, primarily to pay homage to a producer or artist they love), Collar not only decided against pulling the project, but grabbed the "T.R.O.Y" instrumental to voice his own frustration over this situation.

"I tried to do it justice..but you weighing in with a blindfold..."


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