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Oddisee Talks Artists-As-Brands on "Getting Over"

Shouts to Marcus K. Dowling, a writer that Nappy put me onto that did a lot of work for DoAndroidsDance. He's started a new podcast, Getting Over, that celebrates "those talented people who have found truly unique ways to achieve their successes." For the first episode, he brought on the homey Oddisee to talk the idea of an "artist-as-brand," and more.

Washington DC area-born and Brooklyn-based emcee Oddisee has established a standard of excellence as an artist that is largely defined by his level of global awareness and digital age savvy. By cultivating a loyal following around the world, he’s been able to thrive as an independent artist during an era when the record industry’s restructuring economics have dimmed the careers of other creatives.

For this inaugural episode of Getting Over, he and I spoke about how a rapper evolves into an artist-as-brand, and how that allows for skilled craftsmanship to become sustainable entrepreneurship.


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