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Soundcrusha's 'Pyramid' is a Magical, Mystical Ride

Cap City, the same crew that brought you A Mankind Complex's Destination, is back with a new EP from Soundcrusha!.While this crew is more well-known for their rapper-lead projects, this five-track opus from Soundcrusha! is all about the beats.

There's a mystical vibe to this; "Birth" sets things off like an intro track should. Not too overbearing, definitely airy, signalling things to come. Deeper house tones are the name of the game with "The Ankh," while "Fifth Element" takes things into a more magical arena with a slightly higher BPM. "Eden" / "Pineal Gland" slows things down, with more hypnotic, downtempo vibes, and the closer "Journey" is the kind of trap-like dream that closing credits are made for.

I personally don't know much of Soundcrusha!'s previous work, but this one right here? It's something to lounge to on a chill summer afternoon. Stream and download below.


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