Mr. Carmack Gave Away His Massive 'Yellow' EP

I saw some EDM blogs that shall remain nameless going insane over Mr. Carmack giving away something like 50 tracks. Seeing as I love keeping up with odd shit going down in the world of electronic music, my ears perked up, but I quickly chilled out when I realized that Carmack had just uploaded his massive Yellow EP, which had been floating around Al Gore's Internets since April of this year.

The EP is actually something Carmack released on USB at a pop-up shop in Los Angeles to coincide with a new line of merch, and the heads on Reddit had a field day reconstructing what was actually on the release. There's a LOT on here, including remixes of artists like Ol Dirty Bastard, Beyonce, Drake, Aaliyah, and many, many more. If you dug Craze's "BEATS" mix, you'll love this.

This week, Carmack's site acknowledged the release, giving heads a full playlist with all of the tracks being uploaded to Carmack's SoundCloud account. No word on how long they'll be up, so grab this ASAP.


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