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Kemba Bears His Black Soul on His New Opus, 'Negus'

"Please don't call me conscious, don't call it political/please don't deem this lyrical, these are Negro spirituals"

With that, welcome to Kemba's Negus. Over an intoxicating array of Frank Drake beats, Kemba cuts open his chest, pulls out his heart, and squeezes his essence onto the pad. He didn't say much in the note he sent over with the project (which he'd been working on for three years), although he did mention that he's "excited and nervous to share it, especially in the times we're in today."

If you're looking for your hip-hop to help you understand where you are as a black person in America in 2016, this 12-track opus should be your guide. Or at the very least, your starting point. Stream this one below, and grab it for free over on Bandcamp, or on iTunes.


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