Swindle's Back With Some More of His Mood Music

About a year ago, I spoke with Swindle before the release of his Peace, Love& Music album. It was dope to hear him talk about a project that's theme is based on the different places he traveled to as a musician and DJ. If you thought that was out of his system, think again.

On August 12 he kicks off his Trilogy in Funk project, a three-part series of EPs that finds he collecting tunes based on one particular theme or sound, on Butterz. His first, Connecta, was made in Brazil, and the title track is down below. You'll get the idea. He worked on a second EP, Purple Walls, in Los Angeles, and it's said to be a P Funk project (during our project, he mentioned digging Thundercat and being asked why he doesn't work with Dam-Funk, so maybe they will  be featured on this project). The third piece of this puzzle is Funk & Grime, an EP with London-based MCs. You should already KNOW what time it is.

Judging by the product he's released over the last few years, this sounds like the different pieces of his musical personality being able to flourish on their own. Check out "Connecta" below, and be on the look out for its released; DJ Q did a remix of the title track! And it looks like Swindle will be touring the States in September, so be on the look out for that as well.

Connecta EP tracklist:

1. Connecta Ft. Ricardo China
2. Copacabana
3. Villa Mimosa
4. Connecta Ft. Ricardo China (DJ Q Remix)
5. Connecta Ft Ricardo China (Instrumental Mix)

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