Craze Kicks Off a New Mix Series Chock Full of "BEATS"

One of the things I've loved about Craze has been his constant search for the perfect beat. I noticed it when he decided to incorporate more of a drum & bass spin into his turntablist sets back in the late '90s, and ever since he's just gone where the sound has taken him.

In this new mix series, Craze is just dropping some fire BEATS. I'd typify it as the sound you hear everyone from Mr. Carmack to Ivy Lab going in on. There's no tracklist, but this is more about mood than trainspotting: "The first of many mixes with this kinda sound … When I asked one of the producers who are spearheading this movement what to call this genre he said “That’s the thing … there’s no name to this genre … they’re just beats” ….. So there it is."


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