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Trackstar the DJ Pays Tribute to DJ Shadow With Impressive 'The Mountain Will Fall' Megamix

After interviewing DJ Shadow for Complex, I hit up Trackstar the DJ, the STL-based selector who is also Run the Jewels' DJ. Why? Because Shadow was rocking one of Trackstar's SKRATCH FAN hats. We had a quick back and forth about it, and I realized that Track was a bigger Shadow fan than I knew. It looks like he's such a big fan that he sorted out a megamix in the vein of Q-Bert's "Camel Bobsled Race" mix from years back for Shadow's new album, The Mountain Will Fall.

As Track tells it, "A couple of weeks ago, while walking around in the woods and listening to his new album The Mountain Will Fall, I thought about the incredible DJ Q-Bert megamix Camel Bobsled Race, which was a mashup of Shadow tracks released alongside Pre-Emptive Strike in 1997, and decided to try my hand at making a similar megamix. I thought it came out pretty dope, so I nervously sent it to my idol. Amazingly he dug it."

That mix is embedded below. If you still haven't checked for the album, give this a twirl, then cop it immediately.

[The Smoking Section]


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