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Benzi Gave Away A Bunch of His 2016 Edits


While I've never DJ'd a New Years Eve party, I can only imagine how insane it is trying to prepare. Sure, you want to make sure you're dropping the freshest tracks from the previous year, probably going anthem-for-anthem, but you can't spend two hours doing that, right? You need ebbs and flows, sneaky tracks thrown in the mix to keep people interested. Why not sort yourself out with a gang of edits, maybe mixing up some of the bigger rap anthems with some of the biggest tunes from the realm of EDM?

Enter Benzi, a DJ who's been on the circuit for years, and knows both genres like the back of his hand. Earlier on Twitter, he dropped a massive .zip file full of his 2016 edits, featuring insane combinations like Vic Mensa x Styles&Complete, Migos x 4B and Aazar, an Alvaro remix of Drake's "One Dance," and much, much more.

I figure that plenty of you DJs are going through your folders NOW, so grab this .zip ASAP and get right for tonight. Check out these massive edits that are included in the file.


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