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Damien The Architect and Hadj Are Trying to Figure Out "How You Do That"

This shit right here? My type of hype. THIS is why I do this. I have no idea who Damien The Architect or Hadj are, but this cut got slid into my inbox, and I'm turnt. Booming beat with a tinge of the eerie, mixed with some syrupy smooth flows drenching a batch of real talk? "I don't give hugs, I don't shake hands, I don't have friends..." Is this low-key the new rockthedub.com anthem?

"How You Do That" is taken This 404 Loudpack-produced banger is taken from Damien and Hadj's forthcoming HEY! EP, which is due out in January. I might need this one right now, though. Proper 2017 mantra all over this one, trust.


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