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RTDMIX007: dnr


With New Year's Eve right around the corner, we couldn't leave any of you hanging. The RTDMIX is BACK with a banger of a mix to help you turn up for the holiday, while also giving you some things to think about.

The seventh edition is from a DJ who goes by [dnr]; I love his style, too. Almost a kindred spirit, since I know he has a healthy love and enthusiasm for the jungle sound, but dabbles everywhere from hip-hop to more subversive, beat-heavy electronic soundscapes. That's kind of the vibe of his contribution to the RTDMIX, "Urban Decay." This isn't the mix you want to drop at midnight on January 1; this is the mix for the after after party, where all of the debauchery has quieted down, but a crew of willing and able heads are waxing poetic on life heading into 2017 while trekking through some of their more intriguing beats.

Featured artists in this mix include Pusha T, Ivy Lab, Lemon D, Foreign Beggars, Hyroflifics, Infuze, and even one of my favorite Eminem songs, ever. Press play and take that ride, knowing full well that once the dust settles, things will get better. Hell, if they don't, at least we had a massive time.

You can stream this mix below, and if you're so inclined, subscribe to the podcast.


Pusha T feat. The Dream - M.F.T.R.
ReDraft, HP.Ritch + Kid Kun - Illuminate
Shield - Horrormovie [Dirty VIP]
Fracture, Sam Binga + Rider Shafique - Bubble
Sia feat. Sean Paul - Cheap Thrills [Damned + Jakoban Remix]
Sam Binga feat. Redders - AYO [Ivy Lab Remix]
Hyroglifics - More or Less
Sofie Letitre - Real [Infuze Remix]
Deft - For Sudden
Cam'Ron - Oh Boy [Ivy Lab's 20/20 Bootleg]
Baby feat. Clipse - What Happened to that Boy
ATLiens - Kingston [ATLiens + Lloyd Grand VIP]
New Blood - Worries in the Dance [Ivy Lab's 20/20 Bootleg]
Foreign Beggars feat. Ocean Wisdom, Fracture + Machinedrum - 100 Standard
TC feat. Jakes - Rep [Signs + Ak:Hash Remix]
Kimyan Law - Yore Dub
Former - Sympathy Mutant
Eminem feat. Dr. Dre - Say What You Say
ARKTKT - Sea Monsta
ASC - Leviathan
Hyroglifics feat. Foreign Beggars - Persuade
GhostPoet - Survive It [dBridge's Limbo Remix]
Lemon D - Urban Style Music [90 BPM Reprise]

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