Rhyme Selektah Shows The World How Eastern Europe Gets Down On "Criminus"


For some MCs on the mic, it's all about shouting out how ill their city or region is. Rhyme Selektah is no different, but instead of some American ghetto, his video for "Criminus" highlights how ill it is out in Eastern Europe. I was kind of swayed by being told he was an " English-speaking East-Slav rapper" in his email, and I won't front: I was surprised at how much I dug his rhymes. He's not the GOAT, but you can hear his pain and truth in his lines.

If you're rocking with "Criminus," know that this track and more are found on Rhyme's The Bottom: Take Off mixtape, which is available for free download right now. Check out the full "Criminus" video down below.


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