KRNE Turns Up, Looks Back at 2016 In His New Year Mix


I won't front; ever since DAD was put to pasture, I've felt a bit of a weight lifted from my shoulders. I don't care what anyone says; when your job is to follow the ins and outs of one particular slice of culture, it can be taxing, especially when you have to suffer through a load of wack material to find the true gems. I still do it, but it's at my leisure, and there's no real clock on me. I now get the opportunity to just enjoy shit instead of trying to find angle and figure out what the hell things fit into. One thing it also allows me to do is reflect on some of the diamonds in that rough, like KRNE.

KRNE is a Bay Area representer who became a name in the first year of DAD's existence. He's grown from strength to strength, from a SoundCloud-steady rocker to a worldwide party smasher. His sound is focused; it's far from the typical turn up you find on the dancefloor—aka it's right in my lane. So, when I saw that he dropped a 2016 New Year Mix, I was all over it. The folks over at NEST say that he drops a number of "easily recognizable bangers from Alexander Lewis, Boombox Cartel, QUIX, Y2K, and many more," but I feel more like the odd man out, WHICH IS GREAT! Teach me something with your journeys into sound. KRNE also dropped some unreleased heat from himself, too.

You know how it is around here; we need these pre-game mixes to breathe. Stream this ferocious set down below.


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