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Chance The Rapper Talks 'Merry Christmas Lil Mama' With Hannibal Burress


Who knew that Hannibal Buress had a podcast, Handsom Rambler? I sure didn't; I feel like I only saw him share a SoundCloud link to an episode the other day, but didn't realize it was a thing. Whatever the case may be, he recently had Chance The Rapper on the podcast to talk Merry Christmas Lil Mama, which is fitting considering Chance and Jeremih made the tape for Chicago and Hannibal is from Chitown as well.

During the conversation, Chance also let Hannibal know that the esteemed Noname (who dropped a tremendous project Telefone this year) gave him his greatest guest verse. "The best guest verse that I got from somebody is the Noname verse on 'Lost,'" which is taken from Chance's Acid Rap mixtape.

You can find out more about how Chance feels about Merry Christmas Lil Mama, life, and everything in between via his appearance on the Handsome Rambler down below. And be sure to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes.


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