Ced Hughes Views 'Life In Technicolor'

Image via Ced Hughes
When I started rockthedub 10 years ago, I didn't go about it with the intention to highlight artists like Ced Hughes, primarily because I was a novice in the way in whatever you'd call the "record industry" works. As I got into it, there was a groundswell of artists who weren't signed, but were dope as fuck, and needed outlets. Shit just fell into place, and one name who's always been around has been Ced Hughes, and while I've been a fan for over six years of his music, I feel like Life In Technicolor sounds like his most polished project, ever.

In a world where guys like Boogie and, hell, Kendrick Lamar are embracing their more "musical" sides, I feel like Ced's already there, at least in terms of being comfortable in more "live"-sounding tracks. There's a blunted on reality/acid test feel to this project, with drunken horns, cracking drums, and intoxicating loops bouncing off of Ced's vibrant vocals. Dude knows how to rap, but again, it's that comfort that this Virginia Beach-based spitter showcases on his tracks.

My only issue is that I let this one marinate too long; it's been out since early December, but I'm glad I pressed play. No word on where this can be copped/downloaded, but when I get word, I got you. Do yourself a favor in the interim and stream the FUCK out of this.


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