Saturday, December 02, 2006

the shuffle. [12/02/06]

Get fly tonight.

Another umemployed week, but I actually pulled in some cake via PayPerPost and Associated Content. If you like to blog or just want get your work published and get paid for it, check those sites out. I'm talking damn near $50 for some old articles. Yessir. And another $22 for 2 blog posts.

So I have a bottle of Olde English and Disc 1 of this Next Level 2 compilation going on right now. Dutty combo. Friction is the man though, he has such an ear for what tunes work together. All my junglists stand up! I wanna shout out Perpetuum each and every, that's one down ass cat forreal. Shouts to Neil @ HMG on the marriage, congrats on that. Big up to J Funk of Saburuko for the beats and the opportunities. Oh and shouts to Miss Inaya for the ill pic of Young Geezy. Lovin' how he's grabbin' that brim. Big it up.

You guys ain't here for that though.. you're here for me to roast this week in news. Let's get it going, seen?

01/This just in: Lindsay Lohan is officially a drunk. I think it's kind of funny that Fire Crotch's parents were all about keeping her drinking under wraps ("she's exhausted" excuses could only go on for so long)... but what will this do to her image in the eyes of young America? I mean, many 20+ heads know she is a party girl and whatever else you might believe, but she was in a fucking Herbie movie. She was still marketable... this might fuck it up, though! And after she did her first love scene in Bobby. Good job, Fire Crotch.

02/Speaking of drunks, I was surprised my unemployed ass missed Danny Devito being a drunken idiot on The View. He went on and on trying to make us laugh at him dissing Dubya and the White House, but he just made himself look like one of those midgets who drank a bottle of Patron. George Clooney finally admitted that he was out with The Penguin drinking that night. Danny says he was in bed by 11:30PM and woke up at 7AM still drunk. LITTLE PEOPLE, do not try and drink with the big boys... you cannot hang like we can!

03/So after 4 months of marriage, Kid Rock & Pam Anderson called it quits. I figured, OK they got married to quick, they weren't ready, but then I heard that Kid Rock was pissed over her "role" in the new Borat film? I mean, he called her a slut and everything... like he didn't know that?! You only marry Pam Anderson for a few things, and her cookies ain't one of them. How you gonna trip out over her on screen -- she must have heard his "albums", and she still decided to marry him.

04/Your boys over at Dr. Dre's Aftermath Records camp have been run-running off at the mouth. First off, Busta Rhymes is working on a new album. He wants it done by the Spring of 2007; he says he doesn't like long gaps. I think he doesn't like short money -- The Big Bang, despite getting good reviews, from this blog and other websites, didn't do well at all. I seriously didn't think he would even go gold, and I'm very suprised he ONLY went gold stateside. A nigga like me can only hope that the shit that came out of the Timbaland episode of Diary is on the album. That's not the only thing though: 50 Cent has been running his mouth all week. This nigga would first like to have you believe that just because he admires Smokey Robinson and Motown greats, his new album is going to be more "soulful". I read that as being more "Ja Rule" like. He also exposes his inner bitch -- this nigga, the one who got famous for being shot 9 times, let it be known that he was shook when he went out to Iraq to perform. Nigga, all this "ready to die", I ain't scared come get me shit, and you shook over in Iraq? You ho ass fucker, go get a new rep. You got rich and started cryin'. Finally, lil man got the nerve to call Oprah "black on the outside/white on the inside", when this dude is the same one who doesn't care who he performs for. Nigga, she knows where he money comes from. And the fucked up part is, she said she doesn't like what rappers stand for, but "In Da Club" is on her iPod. You are a fucking fool, "Fiddy". Fuck you and the Ja you rode in on...

05/Speaking of the G-Unit, Young Buck might have gone and fucked up his chances of Buck The World doing big numbers down south. Story goes that he was performing at a club when Game's "It's Okay (One Blood)" was dropped by the DJ on the decks, DJ Will. Word is that Buck was tired of it and made some comment like "if you disrespecting me, play the record again" and it got played, so Will got his shit pushed in. Buck told SOHH that it wasn't him nor his people, but really, this is the same cat that stabbed a nigga with a dining utensil during the taping of the VIBE Awards! Your "excuse" is pretty null/void, dog. I applaud the DJs sticking up for Will and trying to let these bitch-ass MCs know that you need to get a movie role if you wanna perp. No need to steal on niggas who help you get exposure. Ban that nigga 'til he flops. And how come no one has heard how Game feels about this situation?

06/Yo, Akon is a polygamist? I mean, OK Muslims are known to take on more than one wife (what? It's in the Koran!)... but this nigga, the nigga who sings "Smack That" and got "Locked Up", he has 3 wives? And wants to put out a reality show exposing this? No wonder Universal is like "shut the fuck up". Talk about jeopardizing your career.

07/Speaking of record labels, Sony's Urban division is no more. This essentially means artists like Bow Wow, Three 6 Mafia, Amerie, Omarion and others are in label limbo. This is good news, I think. I mean, most of them niggas don't have legs to stand on. Is anyone truly on the lookout for the next Amerie LP? Nah, not me... and Omarion's 2nd lp hasn't even dropped yet! I think that's slated for Dec. 26th? What's he to do... damn, son, you got served -- by your record label.

08/LL Cool J came out his mouth and dissed Jay, seemingly saying he is not going to be working for Def Jam for his next album due to the weak sales of his Todd Smith LP. He's saying that Jay is concentrating more on himself, which may or may be true, but just like in the case of The Roots - if your album sucks, no push in promotion is going to make people buy it. These days, you gotta come out swinging. LL came out switchin' on some punk shit for this last album - pure trash. UPDATE: Raekwon spoke out against Jay, and even has a diss track about it -- supposedly.

09/In some scattered Hip-Hop news, here are the newest latest highlights... Snoop got arrested on drug and weapons charges after a performance on Jay Leno's Tonight Show. Where the fuck were his weed carriers? And how come no one is talking about his coke charge? Was he dealing or sniffing?... Irv Gotti might have a reality show going on, like people really give a shit about Vanessa Carlton - yawn... Clipse spoke with the Smoking Sessions crew... dope read for those who know... Styles P also sat down for an interview with Format Mag, waxing nostaligic on shit you've already heard from him before. Politics and bullshit... Finally, the boy Swizz Beats sat down with to speak on Cassidy. Word is Cass is recouping well, but plans on releasing that next album are in limbo, whether Cass was gonna care what y'all think is non eof ya business. Shouts to him for doing what makes him feel right.

10/I'm in no mood to dedicate an entire paragraph to these situations, so I will hit them off nice and slowly: Jesse Jackson wants YOU to stop using the word "nigga". Yo, nigga, get Jay-Z to write a song about it, it'd be better received. Jesse does about as much for Black youth as Dubya does... Paul Mooney thinks that Michael Richards needs help, tells some people he's gonna stop saying the word that kep this teeth white. I guess it's my imagination ... I need to stop... I have no words for the mother who allegedly cooked her baby in the microwave -- how disgusting... Cheech has been picked to play Hurley's dad on LOST; no wonder Hurley seems to be stoned all the time. Can't wait for this one!... One subdivision is pissed because their neighbors hung up a red bow; apparently its a sign of the devil to them, making them stop quicker that they booted. What a fucking maroon - there HAS to be something more to this, esp. when people are losing their positions within the community... Tracy Morgan must have felt that being on a hit show wasn't enough; he needed to get his ass arrested for drunk driving recently - for a 2nd time... That new Scarface video game apparently sold over 1 million copies. I don't think people are really into the game being a dope game - they are just into the dope lore of the Scarface shit. I mean really, it looks like a glorified GTA. And I'm really wanting that Sopranos video game anyways - well, maybe not. This 4.2 rating that GameSpot gave is kind of putting me off... And congrats go to Eva Longoria and the Spurs' Tony Parker for reporting their recent engagement. Good man, Tony. Many guys in the US are salivating over homegirl, for good reason.

There is nothing else to this week's shuffle, though. Very tired, time to take it down. Any ideas, hit me up. Enjoy.

Remember when games like these were the norm on everyone's list? Let's take a look back:

Ashy To Classy

So this week I heard some ill news about Foxy Brown: she apparently went onto Power 105 and let it be known that she is no longer on Def Jam. I was kind of shocked when I heard the name of the show: Egypt & Ashy in the morning. Being a nigga who doesn't listen to radio anymore, I was kind of surprised that Donnell Rawlings was doing morning radio. Him being an alumnus of Chappelle's Show, I was kind of taken aback that he chose to use one of his characters from the show as his calling card. He was himself when he was on Ricki Lake's show for years, and on various other late night movie dips on like USA or Spike or whatever. I know Dave was totally against cashing in on that shit, which is totally understandable. I guess Donnell has to get that bread. I really don't approve, I mean who the fuck wants to be known the rest of their life as "Ashy Larry"... it's kind of demeaning, and this nigga gonna be tired of it in 5 years. I'm pretty sure Charlie Murphy is able to go out and not have to talk about Charlie Murphy Hollywood Stories... he's just got that ill personality. I guess niggas gotta eat anyway they can.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday, December 1st 2006 playlist

First post of December, eh? Looks like it's finally getting "seasonal" here on the East Coast... chance of snow like whaaaa on Monday. Fingers crossed. Anyways, weird music week. A lot of things I heard I thought I'd love, a lot of shit I heard I def. did not. And most of my favs were made by people I consider friends or associates. Holla at ya boy. Oh and a massive shout to my boy Pandamonium Jones of Caps & Jones fame for sending me my "10 Fingers EP" via AIM. I used to rape Mixman Studio for all it was worth. Maybe if I get inspiried I will let some of these gems out of their box.


01/Perpetuum "Beige" [dubplate] [classic jungle sound in a 2k6 filter. HORSEMEN!]
02/Saburuko "El Presidente" [progress dubplate] [off their forthcoming EP. big tunes, very deep and dubby; check out their MySpace page for this and other tracks from the "Boro Park EP".]
03/Deadly Habit "untitled beat" [gotta love those Doors samples. coming to a Dub Session near you...]
04/Trillville ft. Twista "Neva Eva Remix Remix" [gotta love it when DJ Nappy puts those dubstep tracks underneath rap vocals. Download this and others on his MySpace page.]
05/Nas ft. The Game & Marsha of Floetry "Hustlers" [aka "QB True G", this masterpiece produced by Dr. Dre is forthcoming on Nas' Hip Hop Is Dead album this month.]
06/Ghostface Killah ft. Redman & Shawn Wigs "Greedy Bitches" [grab that More Fish when it drops Dec. 19th. I still say its more "Theodore Unit" than solo Ghost, but whatever. Holla.]
07/khal "my life is encrypted" [5 mins of heaven on an interlude. soon come.]
08/Young Jeezy "3A.M." [produced by Timbaland, this track has got me open. I'm having a hard time deciding which album(s) I'll be reviewing this month...]
09/Mos Def "Crime & Medicine" [ Mos jacks the "Liquid Swords" sample to rap and sing on his new one, Tru3 Magic. I like this track, but I am regretting asking for Mos to do more Hip-Hop... he is lost right now trying to be relevant.]
10/Mutt "Summer Thing" [from the new EP on Renegade. One of the best DnB prodcuers of 2k6.]

Peep the digest for any DnB mixes for this week; no final thoughts this week. I think next week will be the week of the review. One a day sound good? Holla. Until then...

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Unemployed TV is the best thing out there. It's the shows you miss when you are working that really get you going -- part of the reason my wife and I live by our DVRs. The one show we have always taped over the last 4+ years of our relationship is Maury. And with one amazing discovery that has been tested and tried, the makers of NiggaMath© now bring to you...


Now, this primarily applies to the use of percentages to predict the future, mainly to determine paternity. It breaks down something like this:

You ever notice how when someone says that they are more than 100% of anything (not the father, are the father, faithful, etc.), it is usually the direct opposite? While Keisha might feel she is "275%" sure that Quameek is the father, 9 times out of 10 Quameek is definitely NOT the father, in fact neither is his cousin Shookwan or his father, Dee-Dock. And on the flipside, if Quameek were to feel that he was, oh, say "117.5%" sure he was not cheating on Keisha, chances are he not only cheated on her, but he did it about 200 times with 57 different women. I ask all of you to watch out for these instances -- if someone is more than 100% sure, they ain't so sure.

Now, there is a flipside to this: the super exaggarated assured-ness. Let's say Keisha was "2 billion % sure" that Quameek fathered both Rasheed AND lil Taquayla -- that throws all rules out, and it's a very good idea to bet the farm on Quameek being the father to both of those kids. It's just how it goes: when a female is THAT sure, it's definitely law. Quameek, though, is never that sure. That's how he got into this mess.

So be on the lookout for MauryMath©, and try to incorporate it into your everyday life.

Funky Drummin'

Ain't it funky, indeed.

No, this is not a post devoted to all of the tracks that have used the "Funky Drummer" breakbeat; Edan already did that in audio form.

This is just my love letter to the Funky Drummer.

Now when I was a shorty, back when Columbia rain suits and Cross Colours outfits were the rage, I copped a few tapes for the Walkman: Public Enemy's It Takes A Nation... was one of them, as well as this compilation of James Brown's, In The Jungle Groove. It has some great tracks on there, but it was always "Funky Drummer" that captivated me. I mean come on, 9+ minutes of funk and more funk. James going off about honky-tonk women and feeling it in his feet. I was dumbstruck, mainly because most of the music out there were Rappers trying to fit so many words into 16 bars, where here you have James doing a 1/4 of that in lyrics, and devoting the majority of the track to his musician(s).

And you cannot deny that James, way back in the late 60s/early 70s, predicted sample culture. He tells his whole band in the middle of the track, we gonna "turn over"... it's time to give the drummer some. Not to solo or anything, but just keep doing what he's doing, while the rest of the band cuts out and let's him go to work. I mean, he HAD to have known that 10, 20 years down the line, his drummer would become one of the staples of the "golden era" of Hip-Hop, and on into genres like Breaks and Drum & Bass. "It's in my shirt/about to work me to death". He knew what it was.

Funky Drummer indeed.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I was a skratch DJ in my past life

I can't help it -- ever since I was a likkle yout, I was infatuated with the sounds of vinyl being cut and spun backwards on 1200's. My fondest memory was seeing 3rd Bass' DJ Richie Rich on the Arsenio Hall Show cuttin' up "How you like me now!" at the end of their routine. It was short, but it was hot. Other times that stuck out was the fact that Eric B cut up that James Brown sample all throughout "I Ain't No Joke". Just got into that cut-up music. Everything from Coldcut to Kid Koala to Q-Bert to Craze.

MCs controlled the crowd, but DJs control the sound. The power in being able to pull back that record, cue it up again and just keep it flowing, without the need of a band or backing track, is just something awe-inspiring. I can go on YouTube and just watch DJs cut all day. I've been doing it for the last hour. I just can't help it -- one of the cornerstones of Hip-Hop, and probably the only thing out of that temple that I feel I could excel in.

Give the drummer some...

Shouts to my boy Perpetuum for finding this one...

and this one. Tony Royster, Jr. is MEAN on the skins!

Wedding Favors with flavor!

So as many of you know, I'm a married man. I love my wife, and even though we were broke, we still put on a pretty nice event, cutting corners and doing it ourselves. The only thing that took a long time was getting our wedding favors together... I mean we made a CD, but getting the right cover and color scheme, then burning about 50 copies? I mean with the cost of blank discs, jewel cases, ink, paper... nightmare. We also made some cute little bath soap things for the females, as well as nice "do not disturb" signs for the bathroom door, incense things, the whole 9. It came off nicely, but it was very time consuming... and I'm not sure how everyone else took to them. Well, in true rock the dub fashion, we continue our Holiday Gift Finds for 2006 for those who might be trying to save some money and add a bit of flair to their favors. has a plethora of Unique Wedding Favors, from these ill "Forever Glass" photo coasters for as low as $1.10 a pop to these quirky "Two Peas In a Pod" salt & pepper shakers. There are a bunch of wine-themed gifts as well, among other things. These jammies are cute, colorful and they add a really nice touch to your table settings and decorations. They also seem to be of great quality, from the glass pieces to the luggage tag with an engraved heart on it -- that's a very nice touch that not too many people would think of. Loads of perfect possibilities for your special guests, and I imagine that if you search hard enough, you too can find the perfect gift that will set your favor(s) off right.

If I had had the time and money to really get a wedding party up right, I'd have to check out and grab that wedding favor that is not the norm at all; sleek and unique is how I'd do it. That's how you should, too.

Get paid... to post?

So if you guys have peeped my "Can I borrow a dollar?" post from a week or so ago, you know that I've been trying to find blogging gigs, either freelance or with a dedicated site. The results? Not so good, so far... I have a various ads and such to the right of my blog that have yet to pay a dude who has a site devoted to Hip-Hop, free music and dissing celebs and ignorance in a strong, Black voice... why not, who knows. I have a few other prospects out there, and actually made a couple of dollars with another site, but nothing to major.

The other cash-cow I'm hoping to ride in on is PayPerPost. You might be asking yourself, "self, how does one find a site that pays you to post?"... well, I just did an easy enough search in Google: blog ads. I'm trying to get gwap like Papoose, nahmean? Now, this site offers you opportunities to make money by blogging about various things --- new movies, new websites, and other things. Have I taken advantage of it yet? I'm trying to... right now. I haven't seen something that has grabbed me as of yet, for I don't like making promises and then feeling bad about them. The pay is decent -- you can get $10 or more depending on the post. You have to stay within the tone they want, so if they want a very positive post, then you best talk it up! That's on you though. Me? I haven't made a dime yet, but who knows what the future holds? Maybe I can get good at this PPP thing and get paid so I can lay in the shade -- it can happen!

If you guys are bloggers who are also strugglin' parents like myself and my wife are, and need a side hustle that doesn't involve crack rocks and credit card scams, you might want to check out PayPerPost. If you can devote yourself to speaking on anything and getting paid for it, get gully and go for it!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Lucy Diamonds: Water of Life

Up on Lucy Diamonds' MySpace page, there is a new track of her's entitled "Water of Life", which features one of the old school dons, Grand Puba. Now, when I received this track, it was a pleasant Turkey Day surprise. Lucy flows sick on it, and Puba keeps it thoro on his verse. I didn't think anything of it, but then I got an e-mail with the link from some cat named Marvin Levy, her media rep, with the title "Shots Fired At Jay-Z!!!" ... word. She apologized, but apparently her crusade is still on and poppin' on Jay. It's kind of subtle, even though the title is a play on his "Water for Life" campaign. In any case, peep out her blog on MySpace to get the audio on this gem.

I'd like to hear Lucy rip up the instrumental to "Kingdom Come". That'd be something.


I just want to shout out bloggers/rumor cats at All Hip-Hop, XXL and other spots for gankin' my shit after I post it. I won't name names nor post links, but I see you guys stealin'. You remember what Ghost said on the purple tape...

that is all.