Saturday, January 13, 2007

the shuffle. [1/13/07]

You know what's funny? I was watching 6ABC News at 6AM this morning, talking about how the Eagles will have to play with noise topping over 100db during tonight's playoff game. I was feeding lil' man, and told wifey, "they are establishing their alibi right now". You know, the Saints are beating the Birds, 27-24, and these fucking announcers are talking about "oh the crowd noise made them miss that pass".

Am I a fucking fortune teller or what? And those bastards ended up losing.

I guess Jeff Garcia isn't the savior they thought he was...

01/Even with James Brown dead, there is still news to be made ABOUT his death... first off, you'd think that niggas wouldn't get killed over silly disagreements, but in 2007, you can still get shot over some dumb shit: reports say one cat got popped over an argument about exactly how TALL James was. What kind of shit? For all of the dumb shit to get shot over, you gonna draw your steel over a bitch height?! In even sadder news, one of James' kids, a 5 year-old boy by his last partner, got shut out of his will. I mean, you can't really blame him, I doubt he was expecting to go right now. I don't think about dying tomorrow, so I know I have nothing in my will for my seeds. It's a damn shame, and hopefully they get a lil icing off that cake. And do you know this nigga STILL isn't buried!??!!

02/This week, Jason Kidd set out to divorce his fine ass wife, Joumana, saying she was not only abusive to him, but did shit like sneaking into the Nets' locker room to sift through is cellie, then left big head TJ in the locker room while she went out to berate him from the stands. He went as far as calling her abusive, but whoa, this is the same nigga who was taking anger management classes a few years back, no? On the flip, though, she signed her own restraining order, and is countering his claims. It sounds like Joumana would not hold her tongue, and Jason would end up smacking her up a bit for no good reason. At one point, she said "fuck this", and swung back. He saw this as an out to their relationship, and jumped on it quick. I just feel bad for big head TJ. I mean, he has it hard enough, now his parents are divorcing?

03/I wanted to just bring this up, b/c it was too close for comfort: on the same day that most of NY is bugging out because of some weird odor in the air, mad birds in Austin mysteriously fall out and die. NY tried to blame my home state of NJ, but still, that's a coincidence that's a bit too close for comfort. In these days of terrorism, most people look for them to c0mmit the same crime again. I highly doubt some Taliban bitches will fly a fucking plane into a skyscraper again, but I would NOT be surprised if they poisoned our air supply. And for you Austin, Texas brats, birds are probably the best indicator for what's going on in our air - so if they falling out dead, peep game and watch out.

04/This week was big for gadget/car unveilings, but there are only a few things that impressed this blogger: obviously, Apple's iPhone is going to be a big seller. Steve Jobs says he's tired of smartphones of today, so if you want the Apple alternative, wait until this summer and get that $500 ready to burn. The one thing about it, though, is that if Cisco has its way, Apple will have to find another name. It appears that in a stroke of luck or genius, they bought the "iPhone" trademark a few years ago, and are suing Apple about the use of the name.. I spoke on their new phone a few weeks back, but thought nothing of it. I guess Apple didn't think they were legit. They will either buckle or have to pay up a GRIP of loot for that name, making Cisco some of the smartest motherfuckers working currently... I am also happy about Jay-Z finally living up to his lyrics and getting that "Jay-Z Blue" color out there, initially on a GMC Yukon Denali.

05/Time to hit you guys with some fast Hip-Hop news... Kanye West was rumored to be featured in a reality TV series for HBO, but later confirmed that it was something else entirely. It's by the people behind Borat and Rick Rubin, so we'll see how it fairs.... DJ Kay Slay & Dipset's Cam'ron have let it be known that Koch's "$7-$8 a record" deal is a scam. Why am I not surprised, but then again, why am I hurting for guys like Sheek Louch?.... Speaking of Dipset, Max B, who was featured heavy on Jim Jones' last LP, was held on $2Mil bail on some murder charge shit. There's a dispute on how far his involvement is, but I just think its funny that niggas talk that murda murda on wax, but when it really pops off and they might be linked, suddenly they wasn't even IN New Jersey!.... Ras Kass' letter explaining his beef with his current record label was leaked online, and regardless of the moral circumstances, Ras goes in and speaks his mind, and makes a few dope points. Your heart goes out to him - all he wants to do is make music, and he keeps getting shit on.... In a rift no one heard/cared about, Bow Wow and Omarion patched things up. It has something to do with those idiotic dumb "Scream" tours they have gone on since they were shorties, but who really gives a shit?.... For some reason, Mos Def's Tru3 Magic LP is going to be dropping twice. It came out on some "no cover, just a picture on a CD" type shit, and moved something like 11K copies; Geffen decided to not consider this the initial run, like this is some glorified promo run, when really they just tried to pull it from shelves due to bootlegging and get stiffed. In any case, a proper release will come about next year, with full artwork, a diff. tracklisting, and other goodies -- expect a review on the new shit once that one drops.... 50 Cent is proclaiming 2007 his year, as he speaks on his new LP (not as heavy on the Soul as once declared), as well as him dropping both Young Buck and Young Hot Rod albums this year. He also commented on G-Unit being over, which he basically said was bananas. We shall see, brave one, we shall see. Slumping album sales in your crew is never a good sign. I think it's hilarious that in that interview he speaks on "one project" performing bad, like both Mobb Deep and Lloyd Banks didn't go down the toilet.... For you Def Jux heads, El-P spoke to AV Club on a number of interesting topics....

06/I'm totally wiped, so here's a load of news bits from this past week to keep you scratching your heads/guessing/questioning your reasons for living in the US: Donald Trump is getting sued by some older gentleman for not picking this old dude for his show. I mean, when I think "apprentice", I automatically think of some young upstart. Dude is going on 50. Give me a break!... This week's deaths include: dude who created the Ramen Noodle, dude who created Scooby Doo, and wifey on The Munsters.... Judges in Brazil reversed the decision to ban that Brazilian model's sexytime tapes from YouTube, mainly due to the laws on this sort of thing being so virgin, unlike the model. In any case, big up to them. Word to the wise: if you make a sex tape, KEEP IT CLOSE!.... In "White Celebs Using the word "nigger", Anthony Michael Hall - you know, Weird Science? - that dude said "nigga" twice, which seemed to be a joke from what I saw. *Sigh* who knows?.... This fucking millionaire poked a whole in his Picasso painting, and got mad when the insurance company for not paying him the total grip (he was due for approx. $54Mil, while he insured it for $80Mil+). I mean, if it was truly an accident, that's one thing, but no bitch, you fucked the whole thing up? Need to tell a better lie.

07/I wanna shout out Rafi for linking up "BODEGA" to the world. I grew up on a lot of those eats, so I feel good now. Keep it up!...

That's it for your boy. No final thought, for my only though right now is catching some Zs, bitch. Too bad... but keep your eyes peeled for some shit this week. I have a few interviews to post, as well as some reviews to write. Keep it bangin'! And before I go, I apologize for the lack of in-depth writing today. My head wasn't truly into it... I'm rethinkin my strategy on these shuffles... we'll see.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday, Jan. 12th 2007 playlist

Yes, yes. Another week goes by, and new music is coming and going. Old music is a mainstay, too, but not so much. I was thinking on that yesterday - how little I have been digging into YEARS OLD music. I need to get back to that older stuff... EDIT: I finally got around to blogging about Jordana (aka 1.8.7.'s) post over on DOA offering up a boatload of FREE DNB! Check out this post over at the dubplate digest for more info, direct links, and other stuff.

01/Sean Price "Crazy" [nice one from Ayatollah and Jesus Price. Non-LP track, but from the PROMO I heard, that LP is dangerous!]
02/Joe Budden "Unforgiven" [Joey does it again, this time snatching Metallica's original to let out some of his demons. One of my favs right now, forreal. Where's his LP?]
03/Jin ft. Donald Trump "You're Fired (Rosie O'Donnell Diss)" [Jin going at Rosie for her random Chinese comments in her dissing of Trump - listen to the intro of the track. he even kicks shit in Cantonese, which sounds dope. Nice reworking of Nas' Ether, too.]
04/Jennifer Holiday "And I'm Telling You" [I don't want to see Dreamgirls. I do like the original track though. Jennifer Hudson redid this for the new soundtrack, but her voice is too high IMHO. Original FTW.]
05/Sabre "Riverside" [I swear I've heard those keys before, on some random, dusty mixtape I have. Sabre is one of the ones to watch for 2007, hands down. Sultry DNB.]
06/Evol Intent "Glock Party" [pure ghetto nastiness. Gotta love those ATL bwoys.]
07/Seba ft. Robert Manos "Heaven Sent" [this combination cannot do any wrong. Seba provides some skittering, solid beats while Robert handles the beautiful vocal.]
08/Common ft. Bilal "Play Your Cards Right" [Spine Magazine has this as being produced by Kariem Riggins, J Dilla's boy, but it sounds like some Dilla shit. Love hearing Common over some high strings. Soulful tune.]
09/Styles P "Close To The Concrete" [Styles P is the man for this one. The mixtape this came out on is essential... can't say anything more, really.]
10/Saburuko "Stellar" [can't wait for this EP to drop. Just wait and see.]

For you guys watching The (white) Rapper Show and having NO IDEA who MC Serch is, he was in a crew called 3rd Bass. Check out some of their videos:

"Gas Face" (ft. Zev Luv X AKA MF Doom)

"Pop Goes The Weasel"

"Steppin' To The A.M."

"Product of the Environment"

and I posted this previously, but here is "Pop Goes The Weasel" LIVE on Arsenio Hall - peep DJ Richie Rich at the end, cutting it up. Classic.

Enjoy your weekend, peeps.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I thought I had it all wrong

I figured my job hunting skills were somehow lacking. I've been on the hunt for the better part of 2+ months, and still have yet to have a solid lead.

To reinvigorate myself, my wife and I decided to have my 4 month old start going back to his grandmother's during the AM, so I can concentrate and get my grind on. I have an interview tomorrow that I am kind of iffy on, and I went to a job fair today. At Rider University, no less.

Now, the first thing that threw me off was not the facility or the people running this thing, but the people attending. I took the NJ Transit 606 line, which had me riding for 40 minutes on a nice and toasty bus. When I hit the button for Rider, I saw like 6 or so heads stand up with me. I'm like, OK the two older heads (man and woman) are probably going to this fair as well, but I'm guessing the dude in the fatigues with the dreads and the guy with the basketball jersey were going to class or something. Yeah, no, they were attending this function as well! Now, I don't own a three-piece suit, but I had my nice white shirt, khaki pants and a smooth tie to boot. Even got props from this Army nigga who was surprised that the other coons came so underdressed.

In any case, anytime your local pop radio station is running a "win a prize pack" booth at a job fair, something might be off. I took the first seminar, which started before the official gotime of this fair. It was on "Job Searching via the Internet". What did I learn? That not only is a dope resource, but you can put your resume on it, and have search agents email you new jobs! I mean, no disrespect to those who aren't versed in Internet job searching, but I've been doing this for the better part of 5 years now. I got that down pat.

So after this bit finishes, I went into the main room and looked around. The one thing about this fair that I thought was odd is that they seemed to be giving away more free shit (more on that later) than giving away jobs. Most of them would take your resume, but not discuss new job leads. I got a lot of "check the website" remarks, which seemed to be the phrase of the day. I know that job applications and such have gone online, but what's the point of you setting up a table at a job fair to tell me about this?

At the end of my time (about 2 hours into this thing), I cut out. I got some good leads, will be getting some calls back, and figured I might as well go catch the bus at a reasonable hour. I happen upon this 19 y/o kid with rolled up Marlboro Menthol Lights (he packed and rolled up the ends before placing them in this ratty Winston container, a job that takes too much effort), going through a bag of schwag from this event: this punk grabbed everything from Walgreen's-logo playing cards, a pen/flashlight set from AAA Financial (which he got for filling out a credit card app), a faux-leather money pouch, 2 circular mint tins (with mints) and a host of other nonsensical items. He got no leads, no cards from prospective employers, I don't think he even spoke to a single person about a job. I mean, let him play his own game, but it's a slap in the face to guys like me, who are trying to feed his family and find a quality job, and you have kids like him, milking the system, flashing his fucking Family First card to these toothless assholes who cracked up at every ridiculous piece of bullshit this kid pulled out of his Weidel Realtors bag.

To say the least, I am tired of ignorant people clouding up the job circuit. I saw an article yesterday about employers hiring more people in Dec. 2006. I wonder where they are...

Monday, January 08, 2007

The Main Event.

Shouts to NahRight for this one. I'm diggin' this deHop shit: fresh MCs, fresh producers, making fresh Hip-Hop LIVE. Damn shame nothing like this goes down on the reg in the US. Someone needs to hook this up.

NewTV [1/08/07]

One of the things I love about the first month of any new year is new TV. You start to get info and hit with a bunch of new programs. Some are kind of dope, some are kind of shit.

That's where I come in.

I'm going to hit you with a list, some trailers, and other random bits of info from some of my pics of the hottest shows dropping now.

01/Afro Samurai: you gotta love black anime. The Boondocks opened doors stylistically with the production techniques, giving their show a bit more of a beautiful edge with the choice of doing a more anime-style of show than the normal, blockhead bullshit you see on TV. Afro Samurai is legit, has music done by The RZA (soundtrack in stores Jan. 16th, I believe), and has characters voiced by Samuel L. Jackson and Ron Pearlman. The story is interesting, but also gives way for loads of innovation and dope characters. Check out the trailer HERE. Thursdays, Spike TV, 11PM.

02/The (white) Rapper Show. VH1 and egotrip link up again, following their last, impressive TV outings, to bring a reality competition that has MC Serch and many other Hip-Hop notables on the hunt for the next great white hope (hype?). The bits that have hit the 'Net have been true to egotrip's flair for mixing humor and race relations, as well as VH1's "Celebreality" nastiness. It premieres tonight at 10:30PM on VH1, so set your reminders (or DVRs) and get familiar.

03/American Idol. This show premieres on Fox on the 16th of Jan. I really only added this because those first few weeks, with the auditions, are some of the best bits of TV out there. Once that final group is selected, I will be picking someone to win, and we will have a running poll on this blog about it. You gotta love people getting their dreams crushed on national TV - it's as American as keylime pie.

04/LOST. Best show on TV right now? Well, with no new episodes of The Wire or The Sopranos on right now, yes. It will be back on Feb 7th, airing at 10PM (so as to not get rinsed by American Idol), but will keep it's intensity. TV Guide reported that we should expect some flashbacks with Desmond, Hurley and Claire, as well as some insight into the oddball-"Other", Juliet. Hopefully we will find out her motivation behind offing Ben, and if her and Jack will link up, now that Jack saw Kate & Sawyer bumping uglies. BTW, who do you think is going to die first, Kate or Sawyer? You know how it goes - once you bump, you get bumped. Word to Ana Lucia. Get ready for that 16 new episode run, too. Quit your bellyaching and GET LOST. Oh, big up to American Express... these "LOST moments" were initially made available only to card-holding members, but I guess since Day Break got cancelled, they are letting these sneak peeks be available for all to see! Check it out HERE, and expect more LOST recaps from me in the '07.

05/The Sopranos. The last bit of season 6 is set to commense on April 8th, 9PM on HBO. TV Guide (gotta love 'em) dropped some nuggets of info on the tailend of this spectacular series: we will be hit with more junkie Christopher shit, including his affair with Julianna. Big Tony will not only be making some major breakthrough with Dr. Melfi, but his relationship with Carmela is going to go through the ringer one more time. Other than that, I have no new info. I have been watching old episodes on DVD and HBO On Demand, and I suggest you do too. I'm waiting for season 5 to come On Demand, so I can see Adrianna get got. Damn shame. Great show, though. I'm right at the end of season 4, ready to see Carm and Tony go at it, her performance in "White Caps" was stellar.

That's all the TV news I have for now. You got any bits you'd like to hit me with? Let me know.

Manny Faces presents The Soul of a Man

If you are into Soul & R&B, you need this mixtape in your life. Especially because this jawn is FREE!

This cat goes by the name of Manny Faces, and I had been hearing his name around the 'Net for his remixes. If you peep his MySpace page, check that Cassie rmx he did - fire. This mixtape is pretty simple. To put it in it's simplest form, this is the mixtape you need for those Teddy Pendergrass/Luther Vandross slow jams. Manny lets the tracks breathe - no nonsensical shouting or website URLs thrown over the tracks, just two of R&B's finest letting you know what you need to do with your shortie in the bedroom. Peep the tracklisting:
01. TP - One In A Million You.mp3
02. LV - Going In Circles.mp3
03. TP - I Can't Live Without Your Love.mp3
04. LV - A House Is Not A Home.mp3
05. TP - Turn Off The Lights.mp3
06. LV - If Only For One Night.mp3
07. TP - Come Go With Me.mp3
08. LV - Here And Now.mp3
09. TP feat. Stephanie Mills - Feel The Fire.mp3
10. LV feat. Cheryl Lynn - If This World Were Mine.mp3
11. TP - Interview Clip (
12. TP - Let Me Love You.mp3
13. LV - Interview Clip (CNN).mp3
14. LV - Superstar/Until You Come Back To Me.mp3
15. TP - Close The Door (Live).mp3
16. LV - Never Too Much (Live).mp3

You're getting live bits, interviews, and a load of classic R&B (Luther's "Here And Now" is a big one, and my daughter loves her some "Close The Door" and "Turn Off The Lights"). And as an added bonus, you get some extra mp3s, which include the aforementioned Cassie "Me & You" rmx Manny did, a "New York Shit" rmx (mashed up with some Frank Sinatra), the Lupe Fiasco "Daydreamin'" rmx that I believe I initially heard his name from, and a super dope Mary J Blige "Be Without You" blend, some classic sounds in that one. Some real lover-man shit.

In closing, just grab this one. Manny is doing it big, and mixtapes/remixes like this show it. Keep pushin', boss!

related links:
Manny Faces' offical website

the shuffle. [1/06/06]

No typical shuffle this week. I spent a good hour+ just now typing out about last week, and then good ol IE7 putzed out on me for no good. Reason that is.

All I can say is there's a bunch of putzes out there, especially Lupe Fiasco. If he truly thinks making his album 3 weeks before it gets released will stop the bootleggers, he needs to go fully into clothing design and leave the game.

Oh, and who else is excited about JJ Abrams' on HBO!?

Also take a few other points of interest: "Black Ty" punches out his preggo girlfriend; digital downloads spike 65% in 2006; Chief Justice Roberts is bitching and moaning about six figure judge salaries being too low; the sons of the late Lou Rawls & Marvin Gaye are battling over a dog; and finally, you pervs posting up sex romps of Brazilian bombshells are costing YouTube money.

There is one point I do want to make though: there has been a big uproar about these parents who surgically stunted their daughter's growth due to her disability. I ask any of you know-it-alls out there who are upset over this: do you have a child that is disabled? I mean, this girl was on track to being infant-like at 5 feet 6 inches tall. I have an autistic daughter who will be 17 y/o next month -- and is at least 5'6", if not taller. I thank the Lord I don't have to carry her around like a little child. That would put so much strain on my life, and while I am the #1 Dad out this bitch, I need to have my own life. Having kids does not mean your life ends -- it means you life gets better. And to be honest, who else is going to take care of their daughter? If their kid will not know the difference anyways, so be it. Let the family be, and get off of their case. I totally understand and back their decision.

Sorry, faithful shuffle readers... I just can't be arsed to go back and retype what I already wrote. Venom isn't as potent the 2nd time around. I will make this coming Saturday's shuffle xtra special though.


Sunday, January 07, 2007

shuffle delay

not a good way to start out 2k7, but being that I am the #1 Dad, I haven't finished it as of yet. It will be up by this time Monday night... holla.