CRUNK!!! Citrus [review]

While I don't drink much in the way of energy drinks or such, I should. I'm hella lethargic, and really just a lazy ass when I shouldn't be (especially with a toddler keeping me in check at the house). So, when my homey over at CRUNK!!!, Regis, let me know that there's a new flavor of CRUNK!!! out there called CRUNK!!! Citrus, I figured, why not try it?

And guess what? It's damn good. If you like drinking lemonade, this is the energy drink for you. It has that sour/tart flavor to it, but it's not overdone at all. It's essentially lemonade with an extra "oomph" to it. Did I feel like tearin' the club up and whompstompin' on some fools? Not necessarily, but I could definitely use this as a fresh pick-me-up before I go take a walk (read: trot/run) with lil' man around the block! Plus, it has none of that artificial nonsense in it, so my ever-growing waistline shouldn't be hampered by any extra additives that you pick up in other flavored waters and drinks.

Now, I only got 2 cans, and my stepdaughter is all about energy drinks and vitamin water and such, so I graciously gave her a can. She was feelin' it - to the point where I almost didn't get my can! She not only preferred this to the original CRUNK!!!, but she dug it more than the other lemon-flavored energy dranks out there, which is wild because she spends damn near a third of her check on that stuff!

All in all, if you want that energy drink that will help you get through a serious session of GTAIV, something to mix your Bacardi Limon in, or just something to get you energized for your daily run (whilst listening to that new DJ A-Trak/Nike+ mixtape) or other activities, rock the dub highly recommends that CRUNK!!! Citrus. YEEEEEEEEEEEAH!

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